UK Beat Norway to Move Top

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
Tue, 24 Jan 2023

The UK team beat Norway 3-1 in the third match of the Pandanet Go European Team Championship C League season. Unfortunately for Ireland their top board didn’t show up and, despite wins for Gavin Rooney and Philippe Renaut, they could only draw, with penalty points for the missing game. However this meant that the UK team moved up from second to top place. [See here for League Page with game records.]

Bruno Poltronieri wrote: I won my game as white against Heming Hanevik by resignation, when I was ahead by about 17 points. I wasn’t too comfortable with the opening after two different corner josekis which I’m not used to playing much. However my opponent then played a couple of slack moves and let me cut off a stone in the centre, expanding my centre right territory quite a bit. After that I was ahead but not massively, because Black himself had a pretty large top side. I then managed to lure him into a fight just when he entered byoyomi, and he got into severe time trouble (16 moves in 1 minute!!). I killed a group during the fight and cemented the win.
Alex Kent wrote: I scored a win by 15.5 points as black against Tomas Hjartnes. My opponent played a thick game and didn't give me a lot of opportunities to attack. On the flipside, I think this meant he ended up being solid, but slightly worse, for much of the game. It's hard to pick out a particular moment when I knew I was ahead, but I did have a nice exchange on the left where I captured a stone to make some solid territory, and also played a cool reduction/tesuji on the lower side shortly after. It felt like we spent 90% of the game in yose, which isn't my favourite part of the game!

Des Cann wrote: I lost by 5.5 to Rasmus Stene. It started okay, but I lost my way in the middle game. I created and lost a large group. The score was only respectable because I ripped my opponent off a couple of times in the yose.

Scott Cobbold played Stian Valle and won comfortably by 34.5.  

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