UK Beat Slovenia

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
Tue, 11 Apr 2023

The UK team was matched against Slovenia in round six and won three games to one. Ireland beat Norway, with wins for Karl Irwin, Philippe Renaut, John Courtney and Matei Garcia, all by resignation. So Ireland stayed two points clear at the top of the C-League, with the UK still second and only one match remaining (against Georgia). [See here for League Page with game records.]

Bruno Poltronieri wrote: I won by resignation against Andrej Kralj. The game was very even for a long time until my opponent started a ko he shouldn't have. I had more threats so I won the ko and he only got to cut off a few of my light stones in the centre. But by winning the ko I got to cut off some heavy stones of his, which I then managed to kill.

Alex Kent wrote: I won a very close 1.5 point game as white against Tim Klancišar. I started off with what can probably be classified as an old-school opening, playing a small knight's move shimari in one corner and a two-space high pincer against a 4-4 approach stone in another. This was followed up by an AI joseki in the upper-right, where I later cut on the fourth line. This is a pretty common sequence, but I always seem to get the shape slightly wrong in the end and this time was no exception. I ended up with a weak group, but managed to settle this pretty quickly with a trade in the centre. I was pretty unhappy at this point: it's still fairly early middle game, but I just didn't have enough territory (or potential territory). I played a few probing moves in black's area, and fortunately my opponent was receptive to starting a fight so things got sharp. This all ended up going very badly for black and I gained a territorial lead after attacking his centre. I didn't play the endgame very well and bled a lot of points. One particularly egregious error was not cutting off a black stone at the top. Luckily I still had enough in the tank, but there was a lot of stressful counting at the end!

Jon Diamond wrote about his game against Janez Janža: I played much more carefully than usual and he played quite slowly in the opening. However I then lost some cutting stones, not vital to my defence, but nevertheless quite a loss. To compound this I then lost some eight stones a bit carelessly, but not enough compensation I think. I lost by 13.5 in the end. (The count is incorrect in the game as there are some dead White stones not removed.)

Scott Cobbold wrote about his game against Martin Michel Majcenovic: My opponent got into a bad fight in the start of the game and then misread and died, after this they played on, but after another misread again they resigned

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