UK End Second in C-League

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
Tue, 9 May 2023

The UK went into the last round of the Pandanet C-League with a slim chance of the top spot. This would occur if the team beat bottom of the league Georgia and leaders Ireland lost to Bulgaria. The UK team did their bit winning their match 3-1, with wins for Bruno, Alex and Jamie, whilst Scott lost. However Ireland managed a draw, after wins for Karl Irwin (played earlier) and John Courtney, but losses for Philippe Renaut and Matei Garcia. However later the Bulgarian board 4 player's results were discounted in all matches so Ireland gained an extra win as did the UK for their round 1 match. So the UK ended second, one point behind Ireland, and will have to play Finland in the play-off to get up to B-League again on 13th June. [See here for League Page with game records.]

Bruno Poltronieri wrote: I won my game by resignation against Mikheil Prishvin. The game started pretty evenly with me taking a large potential on the left and my opponent in the top right. It started to fall apart for my opponent when he tried to reduce my left side and I captured some of his reducing stones. I then cut off some stones on the right side to start building a big centre. I was already winning comfortably at this point, but, after a fight in the centre, my opponent tenuki'd which allowed me to kill a group; then he resigned.
Alex Kent wrote: I won pretty convincingly against Andro Nikolaishvili. The opening went well and I built up a solid lead in territory. I got a bit scared of a large structure Andro was building on the lower side and played some slightly rash moves to reduce/invade. I ended up taking more territory in exchange for creating a weak group, but the group was never really in any danger, so it was a good result. My oponent then lost heart and let the clock run out after a mis-play, rather than resigning.

Scott Cobbold wrote about his game against Tornike Nanikashvili: My opponent played really weird at the start of the game, but then I made a dumb mistake. My opponent's calculations were extremely accurate so it just got worse.

Jamie Taylor wrote about his game against Irakli Mdinaradze, which started two hours after the others: My opponent showed a lot of fighting spirit but he didn't take very good care of his stones. I killed a few groups early on and the game was over, but he kept playing to the end, and won a couple of fights near the end to be fair. Ultimately I won by 97.5

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