Overseas Results: 2003

Chunlan Cup, 26/12/03-31/12/03

The Chunlan Cup is a World Championship held in Beijin. European representative Guo Juan lost to China's Hu Yaoyu (7 dan). USA's Mike Redmond also lost to a Chinese 7 dan, Gu Li. Six of the 8 winners were Chinese - the exceptions were Cho U representing Japan and Yi Chang-Ho from Korea.

Italian MSO, 06/12/03-08/12/03

The 10th Mauro Brambilla Memorial was held at the Italian MSO in Milan's Stelline Palace. It was won by Romanian Cornel Burzo, with Czechia's Radek Nechanicky in second. Pair Go, 9x9, 13x13 and Blitz also featured among the 60 games played at the MSO.

European Masters, 29/11/03-30/11/03

Held at the EGCC in Amsterdam, the top 8 european players played the first European Masters in memory of the late Hans Pietsch. Winner of the tournament was the 5p from the Nihon Kiin, Catalin Taranu. He beat 1p from the Korean Baduk Association, Alexandre Dinerchtein, by 1.5 points in an exciting final. Third was Svetlana Shikshina, also 1p at KBA. Fourth was Franz-Joseph Dickhut from Germany. The next places were: Guo Juan, Cristian Pop, Csaba Mero and Radek Nechanicky. The Masters is used to select players for World Pro events: Guo Juan will play the Chunlan Cup in China in December and Svetlana will play the Fujitsu Cup in Japan in April. The top two games in the last round were commented by Britain's Matthew Macfadyen and the EGCC's Frank Janssen, and also the final was relayed on IGS-Pandanet.
In addition during the weekend was the 4th Fujitsu European Training. Go teachers from various countries discussed teaching children and teaching on the Internet. Peter and Sheila Wendes, Go teachers from Hampshire, represented the BGA.

World Pair Go Championships, 15/11/03-16/11/03

Young Se-Young Kim and Nam-Hoon Kim from Korea won the World Amateur Pair Go in Tokyo. Japanese teams took places 2, 3, 5 and 6, but making one of the best Western results ever were Hungary's Rita and Tibor Pocsai in 4th with 4/5. On 3/5 in 11th were Czechia' Martina Simunkova and Jan Hora and Argentina came 14th, also with 3/5. Winning 2 were Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Armenia and Portugal. Italy won 1, beating new pair country Madagascar. Unfortunately Ireland could not take part.

Gothenburg Toyota-PandaNet Tour Tournament, 08/11/03-09/11/03

British Champion Matthew Macfadyen (6 dan) continued his domination of the Gothenburg Tournament by winning it with an unbeaten 5. Second with 4 was Dragos Bajenaru (6 dan Romania). Best player on 3/5 was local 4 dan Ulf Olsson. Britain's David Ward (4 dan) won 2. 59 players took part.

Moscow Toyota-PandaNet Tour Tournament, 25/10/03-26/10/03

84 players from pro level to 20 kyu, from Russia, Finland and the Ukraine took part in the Russian Tour event. Winner as expected with an unbeaten 5 was Alexandr Dinerstein. On 4/5 were Rustam Sakhabutdinov (5 dan) and Andrej Kulkov (6 dan).

Kosice Toyota-PandaNet Tour Tournament, 11/10/03-12/10/03

51 players took part in the Slovakian Tour event, held this year away from Bratislava at Kosice. Three players ended at the top on 4/5, namely Mikhaylo Galchenko (5 dan Ukraine), Dragos Bajanaru (6 dan Romania) and Radek Nechanicky (6 dan Czechia), placed in that order. Czech 3 dan Ivan Kostka giant killed again; this time it was Emil Nijhuis, just back from his third in the World Baduk Championships.

Incheon World Amateur Baduk Championship

Replacing the cancelled World Amateur, this new championship was held in Incheon in Korea from 27/09/03 - 03/10/03. 58 countries took part and played 6 rounds. The top 4 players then played knockout. Korea won all 6 games. On 5 were Japan, Netherlands, Ukraine, China, Russia (Lazarev) and Canada. In the knock out Japan's Hiraoka Satoshi beat Ukraine and then Korea to win the championship. Kim Junghwan was hence second, Netherland's Emil Nijhuis beat Dmitrij Bogackij (Bogatskiy) to take third. Britain's Matthew Macfadyen came 19th beating Uruguay and Italy, losing to Brazil and Czechia (Danek), and then beating Serbia-Montenegro and Thailand. Chris Rafferty of Ireland won 2 games, beating Portugal and Ecuador. Simon Goss was there also as a guest official. Croatia's Zoran Mutabzija and Hungary's Diana Koszegi were awarded fighting spirit prizes.

Brno Toyota-PandaNet Tour Tournament, 06/09/03-07/09/03

For the second year running the major Czech event was held in Brno not Praha. 159 players attended. Winner was Romania's Dragos Bajenaru (6 dan). Second was Ukraine's Dmitrij Bogackij and third was local Vladimir Danek, both on 5/6. The top ten places were all strong players, yet it was a surprise to see Guo Juan at 8th, having lost to a lucky 3 dan (Ivan Kostka from Czechia).

Leksand Open, Sweden, 06/08/03-10/08/03

A new summer event held by Leksand Lake in Sweden was attended by 106 players, including many Germans and Dutch. Winner was Willemkoen Pomstra (5 dan NL) with 5/5. Second were German 4 dans Stefan Budig and Thomas Jipp.

US GO Congress, Houston, 02/08/03-09/08/03

The 19th US Go Congress was held at University of Houston, Texas. Some 300 Go fans attended. Jie Li, the 22-year old politics student in California, won the US Open again with 6 straight wins. He lost the Amateur Ing to his Go student Joey Hung. In the Professional Ing the winner was Feng Yun (9 dan). She beat Mingjiu Jiang (7 dan) in the final. Third was Huiren Yang (1 dan) who beat Yilun Yang (7 dan) by 1 point. Best at Pair Go were young Gina Shi (4 dan) and Mozheng Guan (7 dan). The Die Hard's winner was Bill Hewett (3 dan). The self-paired was dominated by Martin Lebl (1 kyu), Horst Sudhoff from Germany and former UK resident Dan Micsa (3 dan) who won Kyu Killer and Hurricane awards; Champion was Christopher Vu. Dan also came third in the 3-dan section of the Open. Best of the British Team was Wanstead's Francis Roads taking third in the 4-dan section of the Open. Day off trips were to the Houston Space Center, Museums and Galveston's Moody Gardens.

European Go Congress, St Petersburg, 19/07/03-02/08/03

This has held at the university campus at Peterhof. A group of strong visiting Koreans dominated and of course Russian players also featured among the winners.
European Championship: Open Champion with 9/10 was Hong Seul Ki (7 dan Korea) who only lost to another Korean. Second equal were Jang Bi and Park Sung Kyun and 4th was Li Ki Bong, all from Korea and on 8/10. Fifth and European Champion was Russian professional Alex Dinerstein. Just behind by 1 SOS point was Russian Alexei Lazarev (6 dan). Placed 9th and 10th were two 5 dans, Romania's Colnel Burzo and Russia's Mikhail Galchenko. From the UK, Wenbo Mao scored 3/5, Steve Bailey 4/10 and Pauline Bailey 4/10 having finished the first week on 4/5. 310 took part.
WEEKEND was won by Alex Dinerstein with 5/5. The top group on 4/5 were Frank Janssen (6 dan NL), Ohmori Hirobumi (5 dan Japan), Lee Hyuk (7 dan Korea), Andrey Kulkov (6 dan Russia) and Dina Burdakova (4 dan Russia). 161 players.
OTHER COMPETITIONS held were 9x9, 13x13, Lightning, Ladies, Under-18, Pairs, Rengo and Team

Warsaw Tournament, 21/06/03-22/06/03

63 players, mostly local, took part in the Polish Toyota-PandaNet Tour event. The top three beat each other to win 4/5: Mykhailo Galchenko (5 dan Ukraine), Tibor Pocsai (6 dan Hungary) and Ion Florescu (6 dan Romania). On 3/5 was top local Leszek Soldan (6 dan) and Czechia's Radek Nechanicky and Vladimir Danek.

LG Cup

Two westerners won in the first round of this event held in Korea. Strangely both beat Taiwanese players called O. American Michael Redmond (9 dan Japan) beat O Meien (9 dan Japan) and Russian Alexandr Dinerstein (1 dan Korea) beat O Rissei (9 dan Japan). Both then lost to Korean 5 dans in round 2; Michael to Won Seongjin and Alex to Cho Hanseung. 6 Koreans and 2 Chinese players survived to the quarter-finals.

Hamburg Tournament, 07/06/03-09/06/03

The German Toyota-Pandanet Tour event was won by a Japanese resident, Asai Hideki (6 dan). Second on 5/6 was Chinese resident Du Jingyu (7 dan). Czech player Radek Nechanicky (6 dan) was top of the group on 4/6, followed by fellow Czech Vladimir Danek (6 dan) and Bernd Schuetze (4 dan Germany). 136 took part.

Amsterdam Tournament, 29/05/02-01/06/02

The 32nd Amsterdam attracted 128 players to the Go Centre and it was a Toyota-PandaNet Tour event. Winner on 6/6 was Du Jingyu (7 dan Germany). Emil Nijhuis (6 dan Netherlands) only lost to Du and Geert Groenen (6 dan Netherlands) only lost to Emil. Pie Zhao (6 dan), Frank Janssen (6 dan), Robert Rehm (5 dan), Guo Juan (7 dan), David Wu (5 dan) and Carsten Liebold (5 dan) ended on 4/6. There were also children's and pair's event, a lightning and a one day rapid play for those not playing in the main event.

Budapest Tournament, 02/05/03-04/05/03

62 players attended the first tournament of the new Toyota-PandaNet European Go Tour. As well of lots of local Hungarians, a group of Croatians and Yugoslavs attended the Budapest Tournament. Winner, unbeaten, was local student Diana Koszegi (5 dan). Second on 4 wins was Radek Nechanicky (6 dan Czechia) and third was the best of the 3 wins: Tibor Pocsai (6 dan Hungary).

Toyota-PandaNet European Go Tour Final Rankings 2002-2003

Winner with 113.73 points from 7 event was Radek Nechanicky. Second with 104 from 5 events was Guo Juan. Third with 94.04 from 9 events was Marco Firnhaber. Vladimir Danek had 65.9 and Fan Hui 62. Then came Oleg Mezhov, Csaba Mero, Ion Florescu, Du Jingyu and Dragos Bajaneru in 10th. Top UK player was Dan Gilder in 25th with 14 points.

Paris Toyota-Pandanet European Go Tour Finals, 12/04/03-14/04/03

275 players took part including 30 players 5 dan and above, a dozen from UK/Ireland. Wuge Briscoe, David Ward, Martin Harvey and Richard Mullens won 3/6. Winner again on 6/6 was Fan Hui (7 dan China). On 5/6 were Csaba Mero and Asai Hideki. On 4/6 were Guo Juan, Ion Florescu and Radek Neckanicky. Top Frenchman was Jean-Francois Seailles (5 dan) with 5/6 in 7th place.

European Youth Goe Championships, 13/03/03-16/03/03

The Youth Championships were held in Cannes, France, as part of the festival of games. A record number of players from a large number of European countries took part. Of 83 players in the Under-12 category, three players ended on 4/5 to take the top places: Ihor Zaytsev (4 kyu Ukraine), Artem Kachanovskyy (4 kyu Ukraine) and Mirolsav Sos (8 kyu Czechia). At under-18 four of the 193 players took the honours with 4/5: Ilia Chikchine (5 dan Russia), Timor Douguine (4 dan Russia), Antoine Fenech (3 dan France) and Martin Jurek (3 dan Czechia).

European Pair Go Championships, 05/04/03-06/04/03

The Pair Go Championships were held in Wodzislaw in Poland. 14 official pairs took part and 15 pairs in a handicap group. Winners were Rita and Tibor Pocsai from Hungary. Second was Russia (Natalia Kovaleva and Alexei Lazarev) and third Poland A (alexandra Luba and Leszek Soldan).

Velden Tournament, 21/03/03-23/03/03

The Austrian Toyota-PandaNet European Go Tour event was won by Czech 6 dan Radek Nechanicky. Second was Diana Koszegi (5 dan Hungary). Locals Franz Heutler and Gert Schider were third. 44 players took part, but players below 10 kyu.

Irish Open, Rapid and Handicap, 07/03/03-10/03/03

The 14th Irish Open was an event in the Toyota-Pandanet European Go Tour. 27 players took part in the Teachers' Club in Dublin. Marco Firnhaber (5 dan Berlin) won the Irish Open and took the 24 Tour points. Second was Vladimir Danek (6 dan Czechia) who only lost to the winner. 3rd was Dan Gilder (3 dan Manchester) and 4th Chen Mingyou (3 dan China); both scored 3/5 and shared the Tour points for those places. Sharing the Tour points for places 5 to 8 were Tony Atkins (3 dan Bracknell), Toby Manning (3 dan Leicester), Gerry Mills (1 dan Monmouth) and Paul Lecomte (1 kyu Netherlands). John Leuner (9 kyu South Africa) won 4.5/5. Aude Friren (3 kyu France) won 4/4. Dave Horan (14 kyu Chester) won 3.5/5. Winner of the 15-player Irish Rapid was also Marco Firnhaber. Second was Dan Gilder and third John Leuner, both with 4/5. Top of the 9 players in the Irish Handicap was Roger Daniel (2 kyu London). Second was Colin Adams (1 kyu Lancaster), third Dan Gilder and fourth John Leuner.

European Ing Cup, 01/03/03-02/03/03

The European Ing Cup (Ing Memorial) was held at the Go Centre in Amsterdam. Britain was represented among the 24 players by T.Mark Hall. Four players ended on 5/6 namely Catalin Taranu, Guo Juan, Csaba Mero and Cristian Pop. However the weekend was marred by Victor Bogdanov (6 dan Russia) being taken ill during play on the Sunday and being rushed to hospital with bleeding on the brain. He is now starting a long recovery following surgery.

World Students' Championship, 06/01/03-08/01/03

The first World Student Oza featured sixteen players from around the world representing Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Europe, North America, South and Central America and Thailand. Final order: 1 Ye Lingyun (China), 2 Zhu Daming (China), 3 Kang Na Yeon (Korea, top female), 4 Asa Takumi (Japan), 5 Shin Yi Cheng (Taiwan), 6 Csaba Mero (Hungary), 7 Son Chang Ho (Korea), 8 Liu Yao Wen (Taiwan), 9 Ishii Akane (Japan), 10 Nagao Kentaro (Japan), 11 Li Jie (USA), 12 Dong Qin (China), 13 Diana Kosgezi (Hungary), 14 Andrei Kulkov (Russia), 15 Nitipone Aroonphaichitra (Thailand), 16 Santiago Laplagne (Argentina).

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