BGA Newsletter 261 December 2019


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The full set of recent news items, including further details of some of the items shown here, are on our News Pages, and on News Headlines.

Pandanet Go European Team Championship

In the third match of the season, our team had a great win against a team from the Netherlands, winning three games to one. This meant the team was 5th in the B-League. In the previous two matches the UK team lost to Sweden and won against Turkey.

European Youth Go Team Championship

The UK youth team fought valiantly against top seeds Russia A team in the first round on 16 November, but in the end the match went according to grade and the Russian team won 5-0.

British Championship Match

Game 3 in 2019's Title Match between Andrew Kay and Andrew Simons was on Saturday 30 November in Milton Keynes. Andrew Kay won the game by 18.5 to become British Champion again.

Britsh Youth Go Championship

Thanks to our youth Go sponsor, DeepMind, the BYGC was held at Brownsover Hall, a hotel near Rugby, on 30 November; 55 children were able to take part. Youth Champion was Jayden Ng (1d) from Bromsgrove. Top school was Cheadle Hulme School and Top Junior School was Harpenden Academy.

Manchester Doki Doki - Japanese Festival

Despite floods disrupting travel, this year's Doki Doki Festival went ahead as planned. Thanks go to all the organisers, helped considerably by members of the friendly Japan Society North West. The annual fun event, with all imaginable Japan-themed activities, stalls and competitions, attracted its usual huge and largely youthful attendance of over 4000. 17 BGA members helped out over the two days, giving 200 individual people (or small groups) face-to-face introductions to Go. More photos here.

"Knives Out" film

On Gotalk Helen and Martin Harvey say: "Great to see our beloved game at the cinema (let's gloss over the moves though !). Go games are a recurring theme in the film which, in the UK, has been out just a few days. It's not a film I'd expected to like greatly. However, we both did. Even apart from the Go, it's quite a clever and funny whodunit, with well-known actors and nice twists and turns."


European Youth Go Championships, Croatia, Thursday 12 - Saturday 14 March.

The BGA has asked Helen and Martin Harvey to lead a team of UK youngsters - whether accompanied by a parent, or not - for this annual tournament, as for prior trips (Grenoble, Kiev & China). Players would be representing the UK. Please contact the Harveys asap at harveymartin939 AT gmail DOT com, to ask questions, apply or register interest. Further details on the Events page.

Two club changes

London City Go Club is closed in December. The Inn of Court pub has told us that there is insufficient space for us during December because of Christmas festivities. Meetings will resume on Monday 6 Jan 2020.
Stevenage (North Herts) Go Club has changed its regular venue. Full details on the club website.


Full information via the Events Calendar.

Edinburgh Christmas
London Open (Full)
Oxford Novices
Trigantius, Cambridge
Cheshire, Frodsham
Isle of Skye
British Go Congress, near Nottingham
May: Not the London Open June: Pair Go, Durham and Welsh Open
August: Mind Sports Olympiad and Youth Training Residential
September: European Women's (London) and T Mark Hall Rapid

The European Go Federation's Tournament Calendar includes the Major European Tournaments and a World Tournament Calendar.

Japan Go Congress/Osaka Go Camp Next year the Kansai Kiin will be organizing the 5th Japan Go Congress in Takarazuka (10 - 12 July) and also the 8th Osaka Go Camp (21 June - 9 July). On the website for both events registration is already open.

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