BGA Newsletter 264 March 2020


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Pandanet Go European Team Championship

In the sixth match of the season, our team beat a team from Lithuania who only fielded one player. This moved the team up to 4th (out of 10) in the B-League.

Then last night (Tuesday 3rd March) the UK team played the league leaders, Serbia, and lost 4 - 0. We are now 5th out of 10 in League B. See here for more details.

The next match is on 7th April when we have another difficult tie: against Italy, who are currently second.

European Youth Go Team Championship

In the fourth and final match of the Championships, the UK Team narrowly lost to Czechia. This placed us 9th out of 15 countries (10th of 16 teams). This season has seen us fielding some strong dan players against the top European teams, as well as giving many of our newer less experienced players a chance to represent the UK against some of the weaker teams. This tournament format has proved surprisingly good over the years for encouraging our young players.


Coronavirus: Statement by Council

The Council of the BGA has made the following statement (on 1 March):

"Council advises tournament organisers to stay abreast of any appropriate UK Government advice but we are not aware of any actions required at the moment. We note that football matches and concerts with audiences in their thousands continue without special measures."

Annual General Meeting of the British Go Association 2020

The BGA AGM will be held during the British Go Congress, at 7pm on Saturday 18th April 2020, at Eastwood Hall, Mansfield Road, Eastwood NG16 3SS.

New club in Brixton

Richard Wheeldon intends to set up a new monthly Friday-evening club in Brixton - people should email him directly for details.


Full information via the Events Calendar.

Trigantius, Cambridge
Isle of Skye
Cheshire, Frodsham
British Go Congress, near Nottingham
Kyu Players Weekend, London
Bar-Low, London
Candidates, Milton Keynes
Not the London Open
Pair Go, Hatfield Durham
Welsh Open, Barmouth
August: Scottish Open Dundee, Mind Sports Olympiad and Youth Training Residential
September: European Women's London and T Mark Hall Rapid London

The European Go Federation's Tournament Calendar includes the Major European Tournaments and a World Tournament Calendar.

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