BGA Newsletter 316 July 2024


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Jil Segerman


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Recent Tournaments

Durham celebrated 30 years of Go in the city with their tournament, won by Peikai Xue. The British Pair Go Championship was in Leicester, won by UCL's Yiran Zheng and Solomon Wong. The new event at Tonbridge School was won by Artur Gascon from Spain and the Welsh Open at Barmouth was won by Ryan Zhang.

New Scientist

A review of Kelly Clancy's book "Playing with Reality: How Games Shape Our World" appeared in the 22nd June 2024 issue of the New Scientist, titled "The rules of the game". It mentioned Go and had a picture of two people playing Go under a tree.


Logo Competition

The BGA is holding a competition to redesign its logo, with full details, including background, a short brief, and details on how to enter to be found here:

Entry is not limited to members of the BGA (though the final vote will be) as we want to encourage participation and engagement as widely as possible, especially among newer members of the community. As such, we would be grateful if the details could be shared by all, as far and wide as possible, both online and through word of mouth.

Entries are limited to one design per person and submissions will close at 12:00 on 31st August 2024.

Online Leagues

The BGA is once again running some online leagues. The leagues are a class D-rated tournament requiring you to play a game on OGS an average of once every two weeks (the scheduling is very flexible). The games will be played with handicap (if relevant, although I try to arrange pairings so that handicaps are minimal) and time settings of 30 mins + 10s/move. To enter or enquire for more details please email me, Daniel Milne, at

Pandanet Team

Bruno Poltoronieri has agreed again to be the captain for our national team in the Pandanet 2024/5 season. As we were promoted last year, this season may be a bit of a challenge. Would any strong player interested in representing the country as part of the squad, and able to play on Tuesday evenings, please either contact Bruno or via


This Month: European Go Congress (Toulouse, France)
August Youth Camp (Caythorpe), Mind Sports Olympiad (London), Newcastle (NEW EVENT)
September Nottingham (NEW EVENT), Swindon, Edinburgh
October Sheffield, British Small Board / UK Go Challenge Finals (Cambridge), Wessex
November Three Peaks (Yorkshire), British Youth (Leicester), Northern (Cheadle Hulme)

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