Colin Williams


Colin first saw the game of Go at school, when two sixth-formers were playing a strange game that involved a home-made board and over 300 blue and white toothpaste tube tops (goodness knows how long it took them to collect them). Then Clive Fraser joined the teaching staff and set up a Go club, from when he was hooked.

There was a playing gap while at University, but a few years later when in Farnham he met Richard Granville – and it started again. Several years followed playing at the West Surrey Club, and co-organising the annual West Surrey Handicap Tournament with Steve Bailey, during which he rose to the dizzy heights of 2 kyu.

Then, as for many, family duties and work intervened, and there was a 25+ year Go drought. Having retired in 2018 he joined the Bristol Go Club and has re-found a passion for the game. With some time on his hands, now is the opportunity for him to give back to the game through the auspices of the BGA Council.

His ambition – probably hopeless – is to advance from his current 5/6 kyu up to shodan.

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