12. Website

We consider that the purpose of a website is to convey information, rather than to show off the designer’s technical abilities.


The pages on this website are maintained by the Webmaster and his team.

The team endeavours to keep the information which they present up to date and as true as is possible, to the best of their knowledge.

However there is a large body of information here, and some of it may be mistaken. There are also no doubt numerous omissions of information which the webmaster has never received. If you notice any errors or omissions, please notify the webmaster, specifying the page which needs correcting. The team then will make the necessary changes.

If it ever happens that there is a dispute about the truth of a statement on these pages, the webmaster will refer this to the President and Council, and will accept their decision.

These pages, particularly the ones giving product reviews, also express opinions. If you feel that an opinion on these pages is unfair, please write a page giving your own opinion, and either put it on your own website or send it to the webmaster to be hosted on our site. The webmaster will place links to your page from the page with which you disagree.


The British Go Association is not responsible for the content of other websites, even if this site links to them.

Photographs in which individuals are identifiable should only be added to the site after the people pictured have been asked whether this is OK. We will not add identifiable photographs of of people under the age of 18 to this site.

Usage and Copyright

Our policies are:

  • We retain copyright for all items published on its site, except when copyright is retained by authors
  • Links to items within this website are permitted without any notification
  • Articles and photos may be reproduced for the purpose of promoting Go and not for profit, providing that the British Go Association website is attributed as the source, together with a link to the originating material, and the permission of the webmaster has been sought and obtained in writing in advance.

Other Aspects

More details on other aspects of our web site are defined on the About the Web Site page.

Last updated Fri Apr 28 2017.
If you have any comments, please email the webmaster on web-master AT britgo DOT org.