4. Clubs

4.1 Affiliation

Council interprets clause 9 of our Constitution:
9. Each affiliated club shall nominate a club member as club secretary. His duties shall include acting as club contact.
to mean that a club applying for affiliation must have as secretary someone who is (a) an Association member and (b) prepared to have contact details published by the Association. For school and youth Go clubs, however, see the next paragraph.

4.2 School & Youth Go Clubs

A school or youth Go club can be affiliated to the Association either by virtue of any one club member being a Member, or by taking out a Schools Membership of the Association. In either case, the nominated club contact may be any suitable person (e.g. parent or teacher), whether an Association member or not.

4.3 Publicity for Clubs

Up to 50Kb of web space is available to each affiliated Go club that desires it. If you want your club to have its own page, send the webmaster an email containing the text (in HTML if you can manage it) and any graphics.

If you're happy to work with Drupal then you can edit your own page. Please contact the webmaster for more details.

You can also be in control of the information that we display on the Club List and the associated page via a simple editing process. Please contact the webmaster for more details.

School and Youth Go Clubs may apply for assistance with start-up costs, to a maximum of 50% of the actual costs. A package of information, literature and small board equipment is available free of charge.

4.4 Equipment to Assist with Start-up

We have some boards of various sizes and stones available for lending to clubs to help get them off the ground until they can purchase their own. If you need to borrow some of these to help start a new club, please contact the Equipment Coordinator to arrange it. Please note that collection and return will be your responsibility (it will often be possible to collect and return them at tournaments).

Current details are available as part of our Stock List.

Last updated Thu Feb 19 2015.
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