5. Championships and International Events

5.1 Rules

The official version of the rules for the British Go Championship, the British Pair Go Championship and the British Youth Championships is the Championships Rules page.

5.2 Financial

The Association underwrites the costs of running the above championship events, including prizes, using sponsorship money when possible. Entry fees will be set at a realistic level.

5.3 International Events

When we are asked to select a player or players to represent the UK at an international event the player selected must meet the following criteria:
- be a member of the British Go Association or, if under 18, a member of an Association-affiliated school or youth Go club,
- be eligible to take part in the British Championship and
- in the event that the tournament is subject to an anti-doping regime, that they agree to co-operate in the event that they are asked to provide samples for testing.

In addition they must meet any additional requirements laid down by the organisation running the event. Where this organisation has not specified any requirement with respect to players representing more than one country, then the player must:
- not have represented another country in an international Go event in the 26 months immediately prior to the event and
- must agree not to represent another country in an international Go event for the succeeding 12 months.
Approved by Council - 17th October 2015.

The system of qualifying as UK/GB representative at various international championships is described in the pages for each individual event, which is referenced via the following page: Lists of past representatives at international tournaments. Each of these pages describes the entry criteria for each international tournament to which we send representatives. Please note that the organisers of each tournament may have other criteria, e.g. citizenship or country of birth, which may be more restrictive than our own criteria.

Note: The International Go Federation Statutes, as of August 2015, state in article 20: "A player may not represent a second country or territory in any IGF-sponsored international competitions for at least five years after representing a different country or territory.”

The Association will not normally pay the expenses of those representing us overseas.

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