6.3 Other Tournaments

The rules and conditions of tournaments not covered by sections 5, 6.1 and 6.2 are at the discretion of the tournament organiser.

Tournament organisers are asked to note that entrants may assume that:

  • the playing rules will be as described in our Rules of Go, and
  • no smoking will be allowed in the playing area

unless stated otherwise on the entry form.

Further information and advice for tournament organisers is available in our Organisers Handbook. There is some supplementary material in the Notes for tournament organisers.

Tournaments supported and recognised by us are encouraged to publicise and solicit membership of the Association for players who are not existing members.

Council will endeavour not to make changes to the requirements for tournaments, e.g. the Levy, without prior consultation with tournament organisers and normally with at least 3 months advance notice of such a change. Council will normally use the bga-policy mailing list for such consultation, so tournament organisers are encouraged to sign up to this list.

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