8. Outreach and Publicity

8.1 Promotional Material

Our introductory booklet, describing the background and rules of Go, and poster can be given free of charge to anyone desiring them other than for selling on. However, where a society or institution requires a large number of copies of the booklet and is able to pay for them, payment should be accepted at a rate of 35p per copy. We keep a supply of all promotional material and provide them to anybody wishing to use them in these ways.

Our Roller Banner is available to borrow free of charge for outreach events.

Note: These items available on the Promotional material page. These may be freely downloaded, copied and distributed.

8.2 Starter Sets

Up to 50 "Durham Sets" a laminateed 9x9 board with "tiddleywink" stones) are available each year to assist schools starting Go clubs. They are allocated at the discretion of the Youth Development Officer. They are no longer given free for other purposes, other than in very exceptional circumstances at the discretion of Council.

Other starter sets may be available at a subsidised rate, either through Council or via the Youth Go Trust.

8.3 Outreach Projects

We intended to pursue further large outreach projects, following and developing the model of the 2002 Hampshire Go project, as part of the GoZone programme. However, the reduction in support for schools external activities has meant this is no longer being actively pursued.

8.4 Presenters' Fees & Expenses

We will pay professional fees for Go presentations to beginners by a suitably qualified presenter approved by Council, provided that this is part of a planned outreach project and that the funds to do so are obtained from sponsors who agree to it and/or from revenue generated by our other outreach events. Professional fees will not be paid out of our funds for for occasional teaching. Travel expenses will be paid to Go teachers according to the policy stated in Expenses for volunteer Go teachers.

8.5 Media Relations

Our President maintains a list of media contacts, informs them of events that may be of interest to them and invites them to suitable functions. Chess journalists sometimes give coverage to other mind sports and are one group (not the only one) whom we cultivate in this way.

8.6 Article Placements

Council encourages the publication of both news stories and informative articles about Go both in the national media and in all levels of local media. While the present Council does not have manpower to carry out publicity projects of these kinds, we will be happy to allocate finances to support suitable projects initiated by members. Anyone willing to undertake such projects and requiring funds or other help is requested to discuss them first with the President.

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