Rating System - Rated Games

Games played between Association members may be submitted via results at britgo.org to the EGF rating system, rated as Class C, provided they conform to the following guidelines:

  1. Games must be played in a place which enables an observer to verify the identities of the players and that the game was played seriously and in a competitive spirit.

    Note: This specifically excludes Internet games and games played in private. Also note that inclusion of games is ultimately at our discretion.

  2. Both players must agree that the game will be rated before play begins.
  3. Games must be played without assistance from other players, books, computers, notes.
  4. There should be no external interference in the game.
  5. Time limits are:
    • Main time 30 minutes, Overtime of 30 stones in 5 minutes.
    • Longer time limits are acceptable if both players agree.

Everything else is at the players' discretion. Note, in particular:

  1. Games may be played under any rule set. If the players do not agree, the default is our standard Rules with komi of 7.5 (or 0.5 for handicap games)
  2. Handicap and komi are at the players' discretion. Note that the EGF rating system adjusts the rating difference by 50 points for a no komi game, then 100 points per handicap stone.

How to Submit

Isolated Games (Inspired by The AGA's Rated Game rules)

Individual game results should be sent by email
in the following form:

LOCATION        Ben Nevis
DATE            03/11/09
MAIN TIME       30
OVERTIME        30/5
BLACK           Family-name Given-name Grade
WHITE           Family-name Given-name Grade
HCAP            3 stones
KOMI            7.5
RESULT          B/W/J

Games will be collected into regional ladder tournaments and submitted to the EGF.

Ladder events

Clubs or other groups of our members can run Ladder events which are just class C mini tournaments. Preferred formats are Swiss, Swiss Handicap, Round Robin, Round Robin Handicap or McMahon. The game results should be entered into the GoDraw program after the event if need be to produce a tournament file which is then sent to the Tournament Results officer. You must also include the following information:

ORGANISER       Jolly Joe
LOCATION        Ben Nevis
DATE            03/11/09
MAIN TIME       30
OVERTIME        None

Canadian type overtime is of course accepted, including the accelerated variety as well as sudden death.

All these ladder events will appear in the rating list as the Tournament Ladder identified by Location.

Note: We reserve the right to reject a submission which does not meet the standards outlined here.

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