British School Teams Tournament Results 2022

Tournament Name
School Teams
Tournament Date
Sun, 3 Apr 2022
Played on OGS

Best School

James Gillepie High School, Edinburgh (3 wins)

Best Youth Team

Cambridge WZZ (3 wins)

Best Junior School

James Gillespie Primary School

Round 1

Cambridge WZZ 2 - 1 Radley A
James Gillespie Primary 3 - 0 Radley B
Cambridge KCC 1- 2 James Gillespie High

Round 2

James Gillespie High 2 - 1 Radley A
Cambridge WZZ 2 - 1 James Gillespie Primary
Cambridge KCC 3 - 0 Radley B

Round 3

Cambridge WZZ 3 - 0 Radley B
Cambridge KCC 2 - 1 Radley A
James Gillespie High 3 - 0 James Gillespie Primary
1Andy Su1dRadley A6+11+5+3
2Jan Kudla11kJames Gillespie High7+14+13+3
3Hanga Eory12kJames Gillespie High8+15+10+3
4Ruby Zeng14kCambridge WZZ14+13+18+3
5Mark Kirillin6kCambridge KCC11+16+1-2
6Samuel Wu7kCambridge WZZ1-12+16+2
7April Chen15kCambridge KCC2-18+14+2
8Rachel Chik15kCambridge KCC3-17+15+2
9Rachel Zeng17kCambridge WZZ15+10-17+2
10Karl Patterson18kJames Gillespie Primary17+9+3-2
11Hanna Kudla10kJames Gillespie High5-1-12+1
12Lukasz Kudla10kJames Gillespie Primary16+6-11-1
13Lytton Yao17kJames Gillespie Primary18+4-2-1
14Felix Teng16kRadley A4-2-7-0
15Vincent Hu19kRadley A9-3-8-0
16Antonio Kong19kRadley B12-5-6-0
17Amin Tengku25kRadley B10-8-9-0
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