Youth Camp Pair Go Tournament Results 2023

Tournament Name
Youth Camp Pair Go
Tournament Date
Thu, 10 Aug 2023

All games played handcap.

NoNameAv Gr123Wins
1Rachel Chic/Michael Mitcham-Harding10.5k6+3+2+3
2Zoe Walters/Blake Shamoon10.5k8+5+1-2
3Elijah Whitbread/Andrew Volovich *10.5k7+1-5+2
4King Hee Lim/Lukasz Kudla8k5-8+6+2
5Clinton Yu/Caleb Monk10.5k4+2-3-1
6Paul Barton/Spike Shamoon *17.5k1-7+4-1
7Austin Pittaway/Sung Hee Lim14.5k3-6-8+1
8Morgan Pittaway/Mark Kirillin *11.5k2-4-7-0

* Note: adults subtituted the higher player in round 3, Helen Harvey for Mark, Martin Harvey for Spike and Tony Atkins for Andrew.

Last updated Sat Aug 19 2023.
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