Patterns of Sanrensei

BGJ 175 Spring 2016

Reviewer: Roger Huyshe

by Michael Redmond

Published 2011 by Slate and Shell, 212pp.

A substantial book at over 200 pages of A4, this would take quite some time to read and understand. Redmond starts by identifying six patterns according to the two or three moves that follow when White first approaches Black’s sanrensei. On each pattern the character of the ensuing battle is explained. The main part of the book covers twenty of Redmond’s games where he has used sanrensei and in each game he examines the decision points for each player. In places there are explanations of both corner and middlegame joseki relevant to the situation. Some space is wasted by showing the completion of the game, long after the particular sanrensei issues have subsided although keen students may still be interested in following the comments and outcomes. The book is not too difficult for a low SDK but it is more likely to benefit an ambitious dan player. Does what it says on the tin.

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