American Go Association Rules - Short Guide

This is not a complete Rule Set; it is just a short guide to how to play using the AGA Rules.

For a fuller set of rules see the AGA Summary.

Play as normal apart from:

  1. When you pass, hand one of your stones to your opponent to add to his or her prisoners.
  2. Play all dame on the clock failing to do so may cost you points.
  3. After filling all the dame, instead of passing, you can play inside your own territory to reinforce a weak group. This costs you nothing.
  4. After two consecutive passes, stop the clock and agree the status of all groups.
  5. White must pass last. So if Black was the last to pass in step 4, White must then make a third pass and hand over another pass stone.
  6. When counting territory, remember that eyes in seki do count.
  7. Playing to repeat the board position in a Triple ko cycle is an illegal move. It is not treated as a Jigo as it would be under the old rules.
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