European Pair Go Championships: Event Details

23rd - 24th April 2005


Tournament Details

The championship was open to male-female pairs from the same EGF member country.

There was 6 rounds in the Championships -
4 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.

Time limits were 45 minutes per pair, sudden death.

The Tournament was held as a McMahon system with a championship super group.

The super group contained all pairs with average grade of 5 kyu and stronger. Weaker Official Pairs could have played in the top group, so that at least one pair from each country competed for the championship title.

The other pairs were below the bar and will be given handicap games or even games as appropriate to the strength of their opponents (McMahon system), so all in this section have fair games and a chance of prizes.

There was a two point gap between the super group and the lower group so that strong pairs doing well in the lower group could met less successful super group pairs in later rounds.

Points were awarded for qualifying to the World Pair Go Championships according to the EGF system.

Normal Pair Go Rules and Etiquette were used including the forbidding of discussion with partners during the game, and point penalties for playing out of turn.

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