London Open 2008 Gallery

These pictures give you some idea of what it was like at the 2008 London Open. Not shown is the extensive bookshop and the convenient Bistro in the premises where you could get a good meal at meal times and refreshments throughout the day. International Students House also has a bar and internet access.

The London Open was a Major in the Pandanet Go European Cup. Every top board game was broadcast live on Pandanet. Top board being broadcast Serious concentration between Chi-Min Oh and Quing Du with relaxed recorder ...
Chi Min Oh vs Merlijn Kuin Matthew Cocke vs Antti Holappa The Pair Go side event
Chi-Min Oh launches a severe attack on the crouching Tiger! Matthew Cock calmly contemplates the ending. Two pairs battling in the popular Pair Go side event.
Guo Juan surrounded Main games in the Theatre Chizu Kobayashi 5p drops in
Guo Juan surrounded by enthusiastic students in the Nash room. Just one corner of the many players are accommodated for the seven round London open in the Theatre. Chizu Kobayashi 5p drops in for a chat ... and a spot of teaching.
Guo commentary Pleased to win 5 The winner gets the London Open Cup
Guo analyzes a game between winner Chi-Min Oh and runner up Quing Du during the closing ceremony. Our sponsor and prize manager are really pleased to award a trophy for 5 wins. Chi-Min Oh holding the London Open Cup after his win. He took home a London Open trophy and of course the Pandanet cash prize.


After the closing ceremony we re-arranged the seating for some Rengo in the afternoon. Then 25 of us walked to a meal at a nearby Indian restaurant, and finally back to ISH for fun games and New Years Eve celebrations in the Gulbenkian Room!

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