London Open 2011

London Open
International Students House, London
Wed, 28 - Sat, 31 Dec 2011

The London Open kicked off with more than 100 players from 23 countries in round one and more than 120 players in total. On hand to do teaching was Korean Professional Miss Ko Juyeong. On the second evening the 16 team Pair Go was won by Ko Juyeong and Chong Han.

After 5 rounds Korean 7d Young-Sam Kim was unbeaten, close behind were Yunlong Liu 3d from China and British players Chong Han 5d and Andrew Kay 4d.

In the end nobody could beat Young-Sam Kim who took the first place. Five players ended on five wins in the next positions: Lingjun Miao (4d China), Yunlong Liu (3d China), Chong Han (5d, UK), Andrew Kay (4d UK) and Ching-Nung Lin (6d Taiwan). The second-third and fourth-fifth places were tied. Winning six games were Rafael Mello (11k Durham), Carl Roll (7k Nottingham) and Martha McGill (2k Edinburgh). All players with five wins got a prize selected from the prize table and all with four wins got a certificate.

Young-Sam Kim also proved he could play fast as well as slow by winning the Lightning, beating David Lee in the final. Young-Sam Kim continued his tradition of not losing by winning the Rengo, taking Sandro Poldrugo and Yoshiho Ikuta with him. They beat Tom Urasoe, Wen Hao Goh and Yunlong Liu in the final.

Final Results


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