Trigantius 2023 Info

The tournament is open to all, and players entering for their first ever rated tournament are most welcome. It is a 3 round McMahon tournament run under BGA rules with a Fischer timing system of 45 minutes Basic time with 15 seconds per move Bonus time.

There are prizes for the overall winner and all players on three wins. There is a separate room for game analysis, and there might be stronger players available for teaching in between games.


  1. In order to speed up registration, a self-service system is used. Please read the Registration section below.

  2. There is a maximum entry of 60. Any players entering after this number will be added to a first-come, first-served waiting list and will be notified of attendance shortly before the tournament date.

  3. In the event of emergency on the day please phone Phil on 07988 683 586

Tournament schedule

The expected game time for the Fischer time settings is 2 hr 30 min per game, assuming 120 moves per player.
09:30-10:00 Self-Service Registration
10:15 Round 1
13:30 Round 2
16:15 Round 3
19:00 Prize-giving


Ruleset BGA rules based on AGA. Pass stones apply with White to pass last.
Fischer Basic time 45 minutes
Fischer Bonus time 15 second per move.
Komi 7½ in even games. White wins jigo in handicap games.
Handicap McMahon score difference - 1 where needed.

Entry Fee

Standard £14.00
Student £10.00 full-time
Concession £8.00 in receipt of state benefit
Junior £8.00 under 13
First-rated £5.00 first time for any face-to-face rated tournament
Novice £free first rated tournament for anyone 20k or below
Surcharge £5.00 if not a member of any Go association
£5.00 for late entries (received on or after Wednesday 9th March 2022)

Payment is made in cash on the day. We cannot accept cards, but there is an ATM outside the nearby Co-op.

How to enter

Please enter preferably using the entry form. Once entered, you will see your name in the entries page. If you need to email, send to the Tournament Director Phil Beck <pbeck173 at yahoo dot co dot uk>. You will need to supply your name, club, country, and grade. We also need your entry category as listed in the Entry Fee section above.

It is important that you enter at a realistic grade. You should visit the BGA rating page (or the European Go Database) to see your rating if you have not played in a tournament for a while. There has been a recent upgrade of all ratings.If you use the entry form, your latest rating is shown, and your previous grade is highlighted in blue if it differs much from your rating. Feel free to modify your grade if appropriate.

For the purposes of pairing and ratings, Country is regarded as the country where your current Go activity is located. So if you are playing in the UK, but not a UK national, consider entering with your country as UK. One reason for this is that your results will appear in the BGA rating list otherwise not. Another reason is that McMahon pairing tries to increase diversity of opponents, so avoids pairing players from the same club/country.


A ticket will be printed for each player who has pre-registered. These will be laid out on a table near the entrance door of the venue.

When you arrive during the registration period, find your own ticket, check the details, sign it and then place it in the arrivals box on the table. If necessary you can correct details on the ticket. It is important that you register only your own ticket, as we need to know that the ticket holder is actually present. No money is collected at this stage.

When you have finished your game for round 1, please pay your fee at the payment desk. After that you can review your game, or get refreshments, or explore Cambridge!
If you are missing round 1, please take your ticket straight to the payment desk.

Players who have paid by the time the draw is started for the second round, will be in the draw for the remainder of the tournament, otherwise not.

Travel details

Take the Citi 2 bus from the bus station to St Philip's - bus stop about 1 mile.

The venue is about 1 km (½ mi) south-east of the Cambridge rail station (perhaps 15 minutes by foot). Walk along Devonshire Road to Mill Road. Then along Mill Road to St Philips.

There should be parking in the side streets off Mill Road. Saturday parking is free. Do not park on the North-West (city) side of the bridge, as this is all residents parking or short term pay and display.

Refreshments & lunch

Hot water, tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.

Although the onsite cafe is closed at weekends, Mill Road is a busy shopping street with pubs, cafes, convenience stores and super markets nearby.

Google maps: Mill Road Cambridge

For any queries regarding the tournament, please contact Phil Beck <pbeck173 at yahoo dot co dot uk>
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