UK Go Challenge Finals

Players must have entered by registering at

Games will be played on OGS

Register an OGS user, send your handle (user name) to us and then log in.

Go to the British Go Association Youth group

If we have had your handle we will have invited you to be members.
If not please make sure we get your handle!

Join the group so your id appears in the list on the right (there will be several pages of ids on the list).

This is not an "OGS Tournament" so ignore the Join a Tournament at the top.

Between 13:00 and 13:45 say hello in chat so that we know you are present.

We may need you to confirm your month and year of birth so we get you in the correct section.

The tournament will be 6 rounds - players are expected to play all 6 rounds.

Games should be started within 5 minutes of the pairing being announced. Absent players will lose. If a player drops out during a game, they must restart within 5 minutes else they may lose (if time allows the game may be replayed).

Pairings will be announced as being on a page in the group chat at the start of each round. There will be a look up table so you can match names with handles.

We should end about 17:30.

The player taking Black should challenge their opponent on OGS. If you don't know how to challenge tell your opponent in chat.

Now, in the list of players on the right, find your opponent (if present the dot will be green) and click on them (you might need to look through several pages of players to find them), or find them in chat.

Clicking on the player will give a pop-up box, from which you can select the ‘Challenge’ button.

In the pop-up box select:

Game Name - not needed - but you can enter say "UKGOC Game 1"
Private - (leave unticked)

Rules - AGA
Game Speed - Live
Time Control - Canadian
Main Time - 12 minutes
Time per Period - 1 minutes
Stones per Period - 10 (default)

Ranked - untick
Board Size - 13x13
Handicap - None - unless handicap specified on the draw
Komi - Automatic (default is 5.5)
Your Color - Black
Disable Analysis - tick

The person receiving the challenge will receive a voice notification (if sound is on) and in the top-right corner of the screen a blue circle showing the number of challenges. They should click on this - check the conditions are correct and click the tick to accept. Challenges are also shown on the home page.

Please play fairly. There should be no use of external aids such as AI software, joseki dictionaries, another player or anything else of the like. We are trusting people to play fairly! The "pause game" function should not be used apart from exceptional circumstances.

Please note it is Chinese-style area scoring, though no pass stones are given, but you should play all the dame before passing. Suicide is not allowed. Ko is repeated board position.

Their are three cases when "Undo" could be needed: 1. the server puts the stone one intersection away from where you intended, 2. an accidental click puts a stone in a ridiculous place away from the course of action, 3. you don't like your move. Requesting "Undo" is forbidden in 3. In 1. or 2., if accepted, you must play immediately on the correct intersection. A player does not have to accept an "Undo" request. Do not request "Undo" when the opponent is short of time (less than 5 minutes left).

At the end of the dame filling, both players pass, then check and accept the dead stones and get the result.

Please announce if you won the game in the group chat, in case it is missed.

Any disputes or problems let me know in chat. Tony Atkins (arbiter) Kisekigo - or call 01189268143 in emergency

Last updated Thu Jun 24 2021. If you have any comments, please email the webmaster on web-master AT britgo DOT org.