Non-Current Tournaments

Tournamentsort icon Type Description Start Year Current Champion Trophy
Anglo-Japanese Matches Team

Held in London between Nippon Club (Japanese) and Central London Go Club (Anglo).
Prior to the Trophy starting in 1988 most matches were won by the Japanese.

1997 Anglo
Asahi Meijin (London)
1989 Jong-Soo Yoo
Bank of China (London)
1996 Zhang, Shutai

3 round McMahon tournament. Run first 1983 and restarted by a different organiser in the 1990s. Held in 2002 to celebrate the Golden Jubilee and restarted in 2013.

1983 Andrew Kay
Black Bull Handicap
Alan Thornton

3 round McMahon tournament run by Bracknell Go Club, but nowadays held in Wokingham and no longer in Bracknell itself. The first few tournaments were held in the Bracknell premises of ICL.

The Clive Hendrie Memorial Trophy was instigated in 2010 in memory of Clive Hendrie, long time organiser of the tournament.

Registration by 10:00. Prizegiving 18:45.

1979 Des Cann
British Student Youth

British Go Association Online Student Championship

Students are defined as

  • Under-18 or
  • Under-26 and studying full-time or part-time at a UK approved educational establishment

Note: this is different to the BGA membership concessionary rate definition

Cambridge Junior Youth
Owen Walker
Cambridge MSO Dans'
Alex Selby

The first event planned for 9 November 2014 was cancelled due to problems with the venue.

Cheshire Handicap Handicap

The Handicap section played until 2014 over 5 rounds alongside the Cheshire Open.

2001 Brian Timmins

Ceased 2008

2002 Li Shen
Epsom Downs (Wedding)
1996 Alistair Wall

Held in Cupar.

Ceased in 2010

2005 David Lee
Fuseki Follow-On

In this tournament, a professional game had been chosen which had a close result and was adjudged close after the fuseki. Each player played this same game four times, twice as black and twice as white.

Ipswich (East Anglia)
1978 Matthew Macfadyen
Irish Handicap Handicap

Ceased in 2003

1992 Roger Daniel
Isle of Man Die Hards
2008 Paul Barnard