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Three round McMahon. Was replaced by the East Midlands, also held in Leicester.

1976 Zixin Wu
Scottish Championship

Scottish nationals or residents can qualify for the Scottish Championship at various events in Scotland and the UK. Four players play a knockout to determine the champion, games often being played online to avoid travel.

Not competed for since 2014.

2003 Boris Mitrovic
Other Leagues

Other regional leagues have been held, mostly in the 1970s and early 1980s, but reporting of results was patchy.

In addition the Jubilee Challenge Trophy (a Goban) was instigated for the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977. After a few years of competition it was won by Leamington, who still hold it.

Asahi Shimbun

A six-round tournament held in London to celebrate the coming of the Meijin title match to London in September 1989, sponsored by Asahi Shimbun newspaper.

1989 Jong-Soo Yoo
Bank of China (London)
1996 Zhang, Shutai
Epsom Downs (Wedding)

Held during the reception of Paul and Yvonne Margett's wedding.

1996 Alistair Wall
Ipswich (East Anglia)

Also called the East Anglian Tournament.

1978 Matthew Macfadyen
Women's World Qualifier

This tournament was formerly held primarily to select a British entry for the World Women’s Amateur Go Tournament.

1989 Alison Jones
London New Year Rapid
1990 Matthew Cocke / Zhang, Shutai
London (Miscellaneous)
MSO Weekend
1997 Migaku Hayashi
National Knock-Out
1976 Matthew Macfadyen
North London
1986 Terry Stacey
1973 T Mark Hall
South London
1994 Alistair Wall
Three Counties
1986 Harold Lee
Women's Weekend

Played during the sometimes held Women's Training Weekend.

The trophy is the Eva Wilson Go Ban.

1998 Helen Harvey