5 - Safeguarding - Online Abuse

Policy Statement

The BGA will not tolerate the use of any of its online platforms for promulgating abuse, irrespective of whether or not the recipient is considered to be at risk of harm.

How it is Implemented

In the event of abuse occurring then the Board may:

  • Request the abuser to cease immediately and issue an apology, and/or
  • Moderate where possible the abuser’s posts (so that every post is vetted for content before being promulgated), and/or
  • Remove the abuser from the platform
The appropriate response will depend a number of factors including the level and degree of abuse, any contrition displayed by the abuser and any record of previous abuse.

Supporting Information

As of 2023 the BGA runs various online social media groups for the benefit of its members e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Gotalk etc.

When anyone spots what they believe is abuse, they should report it to the moderator or controller of the platform, in question, or if that person is not easily identifiable to the BGA Secretary, or the BGA President if the complaint is about the Secretary.

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Last updated Tue Feb 21 2023.
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