BGA Policies - Index

As of February 2023 a process is underway to restructure and reword our existing policies. This index shows the new numbering system and titles, and when finished will fully supersede the previous policies. As policies are restructured they will be added to this index, and a news item will be issued to alert members.

The objectives of the exercise are:
  • To standardise the presentation and structure of each Policy
  • To make them clearer for all readers
  • To help identify where future policy changes should be considered as possibly major (a change to the Policy Statement), significant (a change to the implementation), or minor (a change to supporting information)
  • There is no intention to change any policies as a result of this exercise, other than bringing them up to date where necessary to reflect past decisions and current practices

  1. Non-Discrimination

  2. Financial

  3. Safeguarding – Children and Young People

  4. Safeguarding –Adults at Risk of Harm

  5. Safeguarding – Online Abuse

  6. Clubs

  7. Championships and International Events

  8. Tournaments and Events

  9. Player Grading

  10. Outreach and Publicity

  11. Player Development

  12. Data Protection

  13. Communications

  14. Appeals

  15. Youth Go

  16. Health and Safety

  17. Players from Russia and Byelorussia

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