9 - Player Grading

Policy Statement

The BGA operates a player grading system with the intention to:
  • Help players get evenly balanced games at British MacMahon events
  • Keep British grades close to European ones for players of equal strength
  • Control the assignment of Dan certificates to ensure they accurately reflect the strength of the player concerned

How it is Implemented

The BGA rating system is based on the European Go Federation (EGF) rating system. For more information see the Rating System FAQ.

A player’s strength is calculated from their rating in the European Go Database (EGD) by the equation:
Strength = (rating – 2100)/100 (rounded to one decimal place)

A strength of -2 is 2 kyu, -1 is 1 kyu, 0 is 1 dan, 1 is 2 dan. The sequence extends out in both directions.

Games played in qualifying events will be uploaded to the EGD and will result in your rating changing according to your results. Rules for what constitutes a qualifying event are found on the EGD website: EGF Rating system

Tournament Entry Grades and Grade Resets
All tournaments should use up to date EGD ratings for player’s tournament entries unless a strong and valid reason is given for using a different entry grade. The results of all our tournaments are scrutinised and submitted to the EGF by our ratings official. If anomalous entry grades are present in the results, submission of games to the EGF rating system may be delayed and the following procedure adopted:
  • The issue is first discussed with the tournament director, and if this does not resolve the problem, then:
  • The anomaly is discussed between the TD and the Tournaments Committee Chair, who will decide on the appropriate action
  • Any decision taken is communicated to both TD and player
In most cases the results published on the web will remain unaffected.

If a player wants to enter at a higher or lower grade than their EGD rating there must be a valid reason that is agreed by the TD. TDs are encouraged to be very strict in only accepting truly anomalous grade resets, and this should be a rare occurrence.

Player Grades Complaints Procedure
If any player wishes to complain about the published rating of either themselves or another player on our rating list then the following procedure must be adopted

  • The player makes the complaint in writing to the Tournament Committee Chair
  • The Tournament Committee Chair may escalate to the Board if required
  • The decision is communicated to the player(s) involved as appropriate.

Dan Certificates
British Go Association dan certificates are awarded based on our ratings. You will be awarded a dan certificate under the following conditions.

  • You must have played 10 or more rated games in a sequence of tournaments
  • You must be a member of the British Go Association during the entire tournament sequence
  • Your strength at the end of the last tournament in the sequence must be at least as high as your starting strength in the first tournament of the sequence
  • If your strength reaches X.0 dan at the end of the last tournament in the sequence, you are awarded an X dan certificate

Supporting Information

Details on the EGF rating system can be found HERE

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