Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

Policy Statement

  1. The British Go Association puts a high value on promoting Go amongst everyone including adults who are considered vulnerable or at risk of harm.
  2. It is the responsibility of all members of the Association to endeavour to prevent the physical, sexual and emotional abuse of people considered at risk of harm and to report any abuse, alleged or suspected.
  3. The Association will respond without delay to any complaints made that a person considered to be vulnerable may have been harmed.
  4. For the purposes of this policy safeguarding duties apply to adults who:
    • Have needs for care and support (whether or not a local authority is meeting any of those needs) and;
    • Are experiencing, or are at risk of, abuse or neglect and;
    • As a result of those care and support needs is unable to protect themselves from either the risk of, or the experience of, abuse or neglect.
How it is Implemented

Although it will be unusual for a Go player to fall under the above criteria, it is not unheard of. An individual may have the capacity to play Go, but they may also (because of illness, disability or a deterioration of mental faculties) have difficulties in other areas, for example social interaction or financial acumen. This could lead the individual to be at risk of sexual or financial exploitation.

Accordingly, the Association has adopted the following principles and guidance, applicable to all Association members

  • Everyone has a right to be safe and to be treated with dignity and respect, with a right to privacy
  • Everyone, whatever their age, culture, disability, gender, language, racial origin, religious belief and/or sexual identity has the right to protection from abuse
  • All incidents of suspected poor practice and allegations of abuse will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately
  • Confidentiality will be upheld in line with the Data Protection Act (2018) and the Association’s Data Protection Policy. (link currently disabled)

If the Association becomes aware that one of its members has abused one or more people in the context of playing Go, then our response will depend on the level of abuse as follows: -
  • Simple rudeness may be responded with a request for an apology; in serious circumstances the abuser will be asked to leave the event.
  • As soon as any form of abuse of an adult at risk is suspected or becomes apparent it should be reported to the appropriate local authority Adult Social Care Team (advice on this can be obtained from the Association’s Child Protection Adviser).
  • Where there are grounds to suspect that a crime has been committed the incident should be reported to the Police.
For advice on implementing this guidance it is recommended to contact the Child Protection Adviser email:
Supporting Information

Legal framework: This policy and procedures have been drawn up to be consistent with the Care Act (2014).

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