13 - Communications

Policy Statement

We send official information to our members via
  • the British Go Journal
  • News items on our website (our RSS feed) - which are fed to our Facebook page
  • the Newsletter
  • directly by email to our members
For communications to the BGA, a list of contact persons with addresses and phone numbers is published in our publications and on our website. We expect the named people to respond to you in a reasonable timescale.

How it is Implemented

British Go Journal
If authors of articles published in the British Go Journal republish them on the internet, or authorise such republication, they are asked to include an acknowledgement of the original publication in the Journal.

A free copy of the British Go Journal is sent to non-members who contribute articles accepted for publication.

We accept advertising from commercial organisations as well as private individuals and non-profit organisations. Contact the Treasurer or President to discuss your requirements further.

We host an email discussion group named GoTalk. This is open to all (and one does not have to be an Association member to subscribe to the email list).

The Board appoints a moderator, who need not be a Board member.

Postings to GoTalk
  • cannot contain attachments M/li>
  • must be relevant to Go
  • must not contain rude, insulting or obscene language
  • must not be repetitive
  • should be to GoTalk alone, with no other recipients in TO, CC or BCC
  • must not contain non-printing characters in the subject line, as these are often a sign of a spammer. This includes Chinese, Japanese or Korean characters.
When replying to other posts, the whole of the previous post or posts being replied to should not be included. Just quote the specific points being replied to.

Commercial postings are not specifically banned, but they must meet the above requirements.

The Board regulates Go Talk with a “light touch”. Anyone who infringes one of these rules will, initially, receive a private warning. Repeated infringements may, at the Board'sdiscretion, result in postings being moderated (i.e. they will be manually checked for appropriateness before they are posted); extreme infringements may result in users being blocked. Any such moderation or blocking will be subject to the Appeals process.
Supporting Information

Our default is to contact members using the e-mail address supplied to the Membership Secretary.

When contacting the BGA it is helpful if you direct initial queries to the specific official involved, rather than the Board in general.

Style guidelines for submissions to the British Go Journal can be found Here.

BGJ Advertising
Our current rates are
  • Inside Black and White - Full Page £100, Half page £55, Quarter page £30
  • Inside Page (Colour) - Full page £150
  • Inside Cover (Colour) - Full page £200, Half page £120
  • Back Cover (Colour) - Full page £300
  • Series discounts - 2+ 10%, 4+ 20%

  • Advertising General Terms and Conditions
    1. All bookings must be confirmed in writing.
    2. The British Go Association (BGA) reserves the right to refuse, amend, withdraw or otherwise deal with Adverts submitted at their absolute discretion and without explanation. All Adverts must comply with the British Code of Advertising Practice.
    3. The above rates are based on the Advertiser providing camera-ready copy.
    4. Copy must conform to the BGA's requirements and the BGA reserves the right to charge for any additional work involved in amending the copy of the Advert to conform to its requirements.
    5. The BGA will not be liable for any loss or damage consequential or otherwise occasioned by error, late publication or the failure of an advert to appear from any cause whatsoever.
    6. The Advertiser's sole remedy if the BGA, or its third party subcontractors, make an error in displaying or printing any Advert is the cost of re-running the relevant Advert. Neither the BGA nor its subcontractors shall be liable for failure to display or print the Advert caused by circumstances outside their control.
    7. The Advertiser will indemnify the BGA against any damage and/or loss and/or expense that the BGA may incur as a direct or indirect consequence of the Advertiser's advert.
    8. Payments are to be made within 30 days of receipt of invoice to the BGA's Bank Account. The BGA reserves the right to charge the Advertiser any costs it incurs resulting from the Advertisers chosen method of payment.
    9. Series discounts apply only to orders placed in advance and completed within the agreed period. The BGA reserves the right to surcharge in the event of a series of Adverts not being completed within that period. If the Advertiser cancels the balance of a contract to publish a series of Adverts it relinquishes any series discount and all Adverts will be paid for at the appropriate rate.

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