2 - Financials

Policy Statement

The finances will be managed such that membership income broadly covers the costs of providing member services plus the administrative costs of the association, and tournament income covers the costs of supporting tournaments.

The BGA will target maintaining the general reserve at between twice and three times the number of members multiplied by the full UK subscription rate. This may be temporarily reduced to underwrite or subsidise occasional one-off high-value events such as European Championships.

The Association will not normally pay a fee or honorarium to any volunteer, nor will it contract out for a fee any service for which a willing and competent volunteer is available. In exceptional circumstances it may do so, provided these are approved in advance by the Board.

How it is Implemented

The Board will try to follow any indications given by donors as to the use of their donation. Where no indication has been given, the Board may use such donations for any suitable purpose, but will prefer youth outreach, other outreach and player development in that order of priority.

Travel and administrative expenses incurred by Directors and committee chairs will be reimbursed on submission of an expense claim to the BGA Treasurer. Large expenditures such as long journeys and substantial assets must be pre-authorised by the Treasurer.

The Board will provide a budget to the Youth Committee, and may provide other budgets, on receipt of a request from that Committee.
  • Car mileage will be reimbursed at HM Revenue and Customs approved mileage allowance payment rate for miles in excess of 10,000.
  • Any expenses incurred by the Treasurer can only be reimbursed with the approval of the President.
Travel expenses for a volunteer to visit a club, society or educational facility to introduce Go should be recovered from the organisation receiving the visit or met by the volunteer doing the visit. However, the Board may at its discretion allocate a small contingency budget annually to the Youth Committee and/or the UK Go Challenge Organiser, which it will notify directly to them. In exceptional circumstances the Association will reimburse accommodation, meal and incidental expenses for volunteers undertaking teaching visits. These must be approved in advance of the event, at least by the Treasurer and preferably by the full Board.

The annual accounts will be produced to a professional standard suitable for showing to donors, sponsors, potential sponsors, and other friendly organisations.

The Board will review its financial management procedures annually on receipt of the draft annual accounts, including as a minimum all matters recommended by the Auditor or Examiner for review.

Supporting Information

Publicity is highly important to the success of the Association and the Board will encourage and give financial support to it.

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