British Championship: 2004

Title Match

Matthew Macfadyen defeated David Ward by 3-1 in the 2004 Title Match, to be British Champion for the 20th time.

Full details of the Title Match are available, including game records, pictures of the first game and biographies of the people involved (players and commentators).

Challenger's League

The Challenger's League took place over the weekend of 30th April to 3rd May. Full results are available.

After the League was completed, there was a three-way tie for first place between Matthew Cocke, David Ward and Alex Rix, all with 5/7. The rules required these three to be placed in an order based on the results of the previous year's British Championship, and then the first and second players to play-off; as a result the play-off was between Matthew and David. David Ward won the game by 1/2 point, so became the 2004 Challenger, to play defending champion Matthew Macfadyen in the Title Match.

Candidates' Tournament

The Candidates' Tournament was held in Leamington Spa over the weekend of 20th and 21st March 2004. Full results are available.

Piers Shepperson (4/4), Alex Rix, Min Yang, Tim Hunt and John Hobson (3/4) qualified for the Challenger's League. (John Hobson, Andrew Jones and Alex Selby were tied, so nigiri was used to separate them).

Subsequently Min Yang who, due to a misunderstanding, did not meet the eligibitity criterion rules and John Hobson withdrew from the Challenger's so the next two qualifiers, Alex Selby and Andrew Jones, played.

Players who qualified for the 2004 Championship

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