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All issue of the British Go Journal are now available online. Please note that the PDF files are sometimes several MB in size and may therefore have slow download times.

Internal and external links inside these files work from issue 157 onwards and external links work in issues from 119 on, but there are no working links in scanned copies, i.e. issues up to 118.

Links to game files are available since 112.

* Note that the latest four editions of the BGJ are for members only.

In addition there is a selection of individual articles from old British Go Journals. The html articles reproduced are the 'go-ish' ones - games, tutorials and problems - whilst news, tournament results, humour and so on are usually omitted. All game records since Autumn 1999 (issue 116) are available in sgf format.

These archives are presented here as a service to the worldwide Go community. Feel free to read, study and print a copy of the pages for your own use. Making multiple copies of these pages or the information on them - in particular for any commercial activity - is prohibited.

Index to Journal Articles

There is an online index for issues 0 - 112. An index for issues 113 to 200 is in preparation.

Articles on Go History

A collection of articles related to the early history of Go in Europe that have appeared in the British Go Journal are available separately here.

Printed Backnumbers

Printed backnumbers of British Go Journals are also available.

History of the BGJ

There is a history of the British Go Journal here.


If you would like to contribute an article to the Journal, there are guidelines here.


A glossary of Go terms used in the articles is available. Try boshi as an example.

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