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34 CHS players have attended at least one national tournament, as of Feb 2018.

In Go Club's early days, Alex Benton (now at Cambridge University) was top of the pile, reaching 10-kyu. Now the school club's standard is even higher, with currently 3 players having overtaken Alex's very creditable standing in the game.

To see the full list of the 40+ CHS players, please see the club's "EGD" list - you can use the link towards the bottom of this page. EGD stands for the European Go Database. It's where the results of every game in every tournament are stored.

Once on the EGD page, you can sort it by clicking on any column's heading. CHS' default order is descending on 'Gor', which stands for Go Rating. There are roughly 100 Gor points between one kyu-level and the next level. Gor is more meaningful than Rank, as Rank is the kyu-level at which you entered your last tournament. What you really want to look at is your kyu-level AFTER your last tournament, and the best guide to this is your current Gor. Complicated !

Also, you can click on any player's unique "Player Pin". Clicking on it gives full details of that player's Go history - when they played in their first tournament, how their grade has improved, which tournaments they have entered, all their opponents ... and more! For example, take a look at Tom Bradbury's EGD record. You'll see that, in 4 years, he's attended over 30 tournaments, including 6 abroad. (And now he's running the 2 UK Youth Teams on OGS - busy lad!) It's also worth noting that, whilst Tom's aptitude & dedication have seen him rise to second in our table, in his first tournament he lost all 3 games. And that's what many players do on their debut, so we should all take heart ! It's not a sprint, but a marathon (though a hugely enjoyable & rewarding journey, of course.) "Rome wasn't built in a day", as they say.

Note that the lowest grade (Rank) that the EGD recognises is 20k. This is disappointing from our point of view, as complete beginners have a grade of 40-kyu. So, please beware 20k grades, or even grades 17k and weaker - esp. where the player's Gor points are exactly 100, which is the EGD's artificial floor (the minimum one can ever drop to). It seems one has to beat a non-20k (+100) for one's own Gor to rise above 100.
The stronger one becomes - 19kyu (i.e. Gor of 200) and stronger - the more 'solid' and meaningful one's grade really is.

CHS Ranking List on the EGD (Then scroll down to see the list of players.)

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