Youth Grand Prix Champions

Points tables and rules of the Youth Grand Prix from 2001

The previous system ran for three years from 1993; the end of the year was the British Go Congress.

The winner in 1996-1997 was a special award as points were not counted.

Year 1. 2. 3.
2020 Oliver Bardsley Caleb Monk Gene Wong
2019 Caleb Monk Edmund Smith Alexander Hsieh
2018 Edmund Smith Alexander Hsieh Rowan Borrow
2018 Edmund Smith Alexander Hsieh Rowan Borrow
2017 Edmund Smith Tom Bradbury Amy Upton
2016 Edmund Smith Zaki Betesh George Han
2015 Charlotte Bexfield Edmund Smith Alex Terry
2014 Edmund Smith Charlotte Bexfield Kelda Smith
2013 Oscar Selby Edmund Smith Melchior Chui
2012 Edmund Smith Adan Mordcovich Oscar Selby
2011 Adan Mordcovich Roella Smith Owen Walker
2010 Roella Smith Jamie Taylor Kelda Smith
2009 Matthew Hathrell Roella Smith Michael Webster
2008 Danielle Ward Matthew Hathrell Jack Drury
2007 William Brooks Ken Dackombe Matthew Hathrell
2006 Ken Dackombe William Brooks Kay Dackombe
2005 Maria Tabor Jonathan Englefield William Brooks
2004 William Brooks Jonathan Englefield Ken Dackombe
2003 Jonathan Englefield William Brooks Paul Blockley
2002 Jonathan Englefield Paul Blockley Shawn Hearn
2001 Paul Blockley Lasse Jakobsen Ian McAnally
1996-97 Thomas Blockley    
1995-96 James Harrod Emma Marchant Thomas Blockley
1994-95 David King Thomas Blockley Mark Harrod
1993-94 David King Daniel Cox Katie Cox
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