Junior Grading List

We have tried to list everyone under the age of 18, who has played in a tournament in the past year or two, with a grading of 30-kyu or stronger (some of the players may have turned 18 recently). Please let us know (via the webmaster - see bottom of page) if we have got any of your details wrong (name, rank or club), or you are not on the list but think you should be (or vice versa).

Kyu grading diplomas are available for schools and clubs to award to juniors. Here is the kyu diploma in Word format; alternatively you can order some from the Youth Committee.

We also have the Junior Go Grade Badges launched in 2018 and extended in 2022.

Alain Cheung 3d London
Scott Cobbold 3d Wanstead
Ryan Zhang 2d London
Alvina Kwok 1d London
Andy Su 1d Radley
Kwun Yin Ng 1d London
Gene Wong 1k West London
Daniel Yang 1k Birmingham
Yu Zhao Xing 2k No Club
Sam Barnett 2k Cheadle Hulme
Lik Kan Yeung 2k Esher
Lea Wong 2k Godolphin
Laurence Turner 2k London
Chun Yin Ng 2k London
Spike Shamoon 3k No Club
Ollie Kaung 3k Winchester
Mancheck Choi 3k Hong Kong
Karl Lam 3k Tonbridge
Isabella Qiu 3k Wimbledon
Cyrus Hi Him Shek 3k Robert Burns Academy
Carlos Han 3k Tonbridge
Natalie Hung 4k No Club
Zachary Yen 5k Winchester
Yanyi Xiong 5k Cambridge
Michael Cheung 5k Bolton
Mark Kirillin 5k Cambridge
Li Changli 5k Kings College Juniors
Audrey Fung 5k Wokingham
Alvin Choy 5k No Club
Sung-Hee Lim 6k Amersham
Michael Mitcham-Harding 6k No Club
Friedman Lu 6k Hong Kong
Enoch Tse 6k Tonbridge
Caleb Monk 6k Epsom
Andrew Volovich 6k Cambridge
Aidan Fung 6k Wokingham
Samuel Wu 7k Cambridge
Ryan Yu Zhao Xing 7k London
Oscar Mitcham 7k Winchester
Lukasz Kudla 7k James Gillespie Primary
Derek Duan 7k Cambridge
Aidan Chen 7k Tonbridge
William Niu 8k Harpenden
Justin Leung 8k Tonbridge
Hanna Kudla 8k James Gillespie High
Farren Poon 8k Hong Kong
Anson Wong 9k London
Theodor Calota 9k St Albans
Ricky Zhao 9k Winchester
Jin Cheng 9k Cambridge
Emily Gan 9k Nottingham
Oliver Bardsley 10k Sir John Lawes
Julia Volovich 10k Cambridge
Hanga Eory 10k James Gillespie High
Jan Kudla 11k Edinburgh
Emily Yuhan Li 11k Nottingham
Taher Anjari 12k West Cornwall
Isaac King 12k Tonbridge
Rahul Surapaneni 13k Cheadle Hulme
King-Hee Lim 13k Amersham
Alida Chan 13k Tonbridge
Ruby Zeng 14k Cambridge
Megan Upton 14k Cheadle Hulme
Yiliang Liu 15k Cambridge
Rohan Neelala 15k Manchester GS
Nathaniel Chan 15k Tonbridge
Karl Patterson 15k James Gillespie Primary
Elliot Barlow 15k Cheadle Hulme
April Chen 15k Cambridge
Rachel Chik 16k Cambridge
Lytton Yao 16k Edinburgh
Felix Tang 16k Radley
Theo Chui 17k Cambridge
Riley Duan 17k Cambridge
Rachel Zeng 17k Cambridge
Odysseas Jones-Roumeliotis 17k Cambridge
Lucas Ng 17k Edinburgh
James Zhao 17k Cheadle Hulme
Blake Shamoon 17k No Club
Silas Ng 18k Edinburgh
Morgan Pittaway 18k Cheadle Hulme
James Tam 18k Tonbridge
George Ren 18k Cambridge
Furkan Tanis 18k Glasgow
Clinton Yu 18k Forest Park
Vincent Hu 19k Radley
Antonio Kong 19k Radley
Tej Matharu 20k KCS
Struan Harbisher 20k Edinburgh
Maxim Turner 20k Edinburgh
Marco Pieroni 20k LAE
Liann Wong 20k Fern Hill
Henry Golder 20k KCS
Clarence Qin 20k Leamington
Abdul-Ghani Farooqi 20k Cheadle Hulme
Thibault Fell-Gagnere 22k Tonbridge
Lev Balabin 22k Tonbridge
Zhaoqi Guo 23k Ilford
Rufus Lambert 23k Tonbridge
Ehsen Shah 23k Ilford
Charles Osborme 23k Tonbridge
Cayden Yeung 24k Reading
Bowang Li 24k Cambridge
Omer Beldagli 25k No Club
Jiarui Liang 25k Cambridge
Jaden Jin 25k Tonbridge
Ishaan Chinoy 25k KCS
George Rook 25k Tonbridge
Connie Amer 25k Milton Keynes
Charlie Morrison 25k Edinburgh
Asude Beldagli 25k No Club
Arthur Chamayou 25k Cambridge
Amy Parker 25k Sale
Amin Tengku 25k Radley
Audrey Leung 26k Cambridge
Will Holden 27k Tonbridge
Caleb Fai 27k Morely Newlands
Olivia Jennison 28k Cheadle Hulme
Claude Robinson 28k Cheadle Hulme
Bowen Li 28k Cambridge
Austin Pittaway 28k Cheadle Hulme
Alexandros Theodosiou 29k Cheadle Hulme
Tom Satterthwaite 30k Cheadle Hulme
Rosalind Selby 30k Cambridge
Rohit Surapaneni 30k Cheadle Hulme
Pip Hawkes 30k Cheadle Hulme
Libby Hall 30k Cheadle Hulme
James Hawken 30k Cheadle Hulme
Imogen Goundry 30k Cheadle Hulme
Elektra Vlastos 30k Cheadle Hulme

List date 2023-05-14

Last updated Sun May 14 2023.
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