Pandanet Youth Go European Team Championships

The first Pandanet Youth Go European Team Championships will be held through February to June 2024. This is a new European team event and has strict eligibility requirements with all players having to be citizens of the country they represent (as opposed to qualifying through long term residence) and to be U18. The reason for this tighter criteria is that were the winning team be invited to compete in a world event then the players would need to be able to demonstrate that citizenship of their country.

The format this year has nine countries participating. Rather than an all play all - for which the timetable was rather tight - there are two leagues with four teams in League A and 5 teams in League B. The four teams in League A will play each other twice with the best placed team in this League being the 1st PYGETC Champion.

The teams were graded on the basis of the average rating of the top five boards (with board 4 being a female player and board 5 being an U12 player). The UK has been seeded third and hence is playing in League A.

Team Manager Alison Bexfield has selected the UK team for this event. The team selection has a cut off at 10 kyu this year. There is a team of ten players of which 5 will play each match.

The team is:
Scott Cobbold 4 dan
Ryan Zhang 2 dan (U12)
Lea Wong 2 kyu (female)
Michael Mitcham-Harding 4 kyu
Yanyi Xiong 5 kyu (U12)
Andrew Volovich 5 kyu
Blake Shamoon 6 kyu (U12)
Derek Duan 7 kyu
Zoe Walters 9 kyu (female)
Emily Gan 10 kyu (U12 female)

The matches are normally played on Wednesday evenings, with the first match on 28 February. Second match is on 13 March.

28th February Ukraine 1 - 4 UK

  1. Vsevolod Ovsiienko (VsevolodO, 5d) 0 - 1 Scott Cobbold (mismo 4d)
  2. Danylo Petrashevskyi (Danyll, 1d) 0 - 1 Ryan Zhang (RYANZ2013, 2d)
  3. Danylo Petryk (Danylo, 2k) 0 - 1 Michael Mitcham-Harding (FKnife, 3k)
  4. Mariia Chernova (MariiaChe7, 1d) 0 - 1 Lea Wong (leazwong7, 3k)
  5. Avhust Savytskyi (McAugustOs, 3k) 1 - 0 Yanyi Xiong (Yanyi, 5k)

13th March UK 3 - 2 Croatia

  1. Scott Cobbold (mismo, 4d) 1 - 0 Stjepan Medak (Noether67, 3d)
  2. Ryan Zhang (RYANZ2013, 2d) 1 - 0 Roko Crvelin (RokoCrv, 3d)
  3. Michael Mitcham-Harding (FKnife, 3k) 0 - 1 Teo Sladetic (Teoborder, 1k)
  4. Lea Wong (leazwong7, 3k) 1 - 0 Tonka Zderic (tonka, 4k)
  5. Yanyi Xiong (Yanyi, 5k) 0 - 1 Jakov Sicic (JakovSicic, 4k)

3rd April UK 3 - 2 Romania

  1. Scott Cobbold (mismo, 4d) 1-0 Robert Andrei Grosu (Pingu25, 3d)
  2. Ryan Zhang (RYANZ2013, 2d) 1-0 Stefan Rotarita (rstefan, 2d)
  3. Michael Mitcham-Harding (FKnife, 3k) 0-1 Bogdan Stefan Tifrea (Bogdan23, 3k)
  4. Zoe Walters (zw314, 9k) 0-1 Sara Maria Ghetu (saramg, 6k)
  5. Blake Shamoon (amyas, 6k) 1-0 Eduard Andrei Iugulescu (eddie1, 7k)

24th April UK - Ukraine

8th May UK - Croatia

29th May UK - Romania

UK position 1.

More details: Pandanet Youth Go European Team Championships (PYGETC)

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