International Collegiate Go Tournament – Hong Kong

We have just received the announcement of a very interesting tournament for students, organized by the Shanghai branch of the Ing Chang-ki Foundation. The tournament is open to any individual who is, has, or will attend University (both at the graduate and undergraduate level) in the 2014 calendar year. Exceptions can be made if the individual is taking time off from school, but is planning on continuing in the foreseeable future.

The Ing Foundation will pay for every student's: Room, board, travel within Hong Kong, tours and events planned by the Shanghai Ing foundation. The student will be responsible for their airfare to and from Hong Kong, as well as any nightlife, entertainment or souvenirs outside of the preplanned events. [Vanessa Wong, who's home is in Hong Kong, has offered additional local assistance.]

Date: 7th July (arrival) – 13th July (departure) 2014

Details (invitation letter, schedule, pictures)

Anyone who is interested to go to Hong Kong should contact the EGF President: who is in direct contact with one of the organizers. Martin hopes some players in Europe will use this opportunity. It is one of his goals to intensify the contacts with the Shanghai Ing Foundation because they are always very interested (and possible sponsors) in Go-activities for young players (pupils and students). He hopes to gain more support for European Go from the Shanghai Ing Chang-ki foundation in the future.

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