UK Lost to Sweden in Season Debut

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
Tue, 12 Oct 2021

The UK lost their first match, against Sweden, in the new season of the B-League in the Pandanet Go European Team Championship, one game to three. This left the team
eighth out of ten in the table.

League Page with game records

Bruno Poltronieri wrote: I lost by resignation to Fredrik Blomback. As usual the biggest problem was time management as I spent far too long on a complicated joseki in the first corner. I know the joseki’s main line but he played one move out of order which was enough to confuse me. The end result of the corner was actually not too bad and I’m very slightly ahead according to Katago. I then got a decent result in the next corner but ended it in gote with a slow move which gave him time to attack my bottom side. I played a sequence exploiting some dodgy shape of his which I thought was quite nice but apparently I didn’t quite do it in the right way, losing 40% in the process... After that I was something like 5 points behind which isn’t terrible but I was already in byo-yomi and fell apart in the next fight.

Jon Diamond wrote of his game against Weiying Sörlin: Interesting start to the game with me trying to play lightly. He then dug in a bit and I let him live in a relatively small way, but leaving an attack on some other stones. I didn’t really intend to kill them, but got some thickness which turned into territory. However, he nibbled away getting some of his own and reducing my potential. Hark, but has he caught me in some complicated trap (move 101)? Maybe he can capture some of my wall? Looks dangerous for both of us - a real semeai now! Has he overcooked it? Have I? Just try and keep it simple sunshine. No, it’s not me, 135 is definitely a mistake, losing a liberty which he can ill afford, but has he lost anyway. So he has to resign. I think I’m lucky - I’m sure he made some mistakes at the end, but he was in byoyomi. Maybe someone else can tell me whether I should feel that or not? Anyway my first Pandanet win for a long while. Yeay!

Sandy Taylor wrote: I lost to Charlie Åkerblom - my opponent resisted a peep so I felt like I had to play along, but that turned out not to be a very good idea. Early on there was a problem where I could try to live (at the top). I did not succeed. The game would have been roughly even if I had.

Tim Hunt wrote of his game against Erik Ouchterlony: My game went much more according to ratings. Katago liked my opening a bit better, up until the first fight happened, when I immediately chose the wrong direction. From there Black was ahead, though we both made mistakes in the fighting. Towards the end, I could see I was losing, so tried some things, and resigned when Erik proved they did not work.

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