UK Draw with Turkey

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
Tue, 9 Nov 2021

The UK drew their second match in the B-League of the Pandanet Go European Team Championship, against Turkey, with the last two games ending within a few seconds of each other. Black won all four games by resignation. This left them ninth in the table.

League Page with game records

Bruno Poltronieri wrote: I lost by resignation to Denis Karadaban. A decent enough start but used too much time as usual. I then made a shape mistake during a running fight which made things pretty difficult. I then tenuki’d to try and gain an advantage elsewhere, but I’d misread a cut I left behind and it turned out very difficult. Later I may have had a chance to kill one of his large groups but I was very low on time and only got a ko out of it. I’m not sure it was killable anyway.

Alex Kent wrote of his game against Birand Adal: I won a fighty game by resignation. I was pretty happy with the opening: I was trying to create thick, hard-to-attack, positions which meant that I felt comfortable invading when the time came. Things went my way and I got a really strong position following an early ko. I meandered a little bit after that as I struggled to think of a good plan. Most of my opponent's potential was in the lower left and I resolved to reduce it, and after some ponderous play a slightly bonkers fight erupted in that area following another ko. My opponent blinked first resulting in most of his territory vanishing and creating a nice target group for me to attack. Said group ultimately survived, but I had a large lead (> 15 points) going into the endgame and my opponent resigned.

Jon Diamond wrote of his game against Kaan Malçok: As usual I’m trying to play it pacifically, but failing. Got closed in and misread the semeai… End of game.

Jamie Taylor (a late substitute for Des Cann) wrote: My opponent, Mustafa Kürşat Elitok, played a very fighty style which seemed a bit reckless to me, but was actually ok according to katago. It lead to him having a couple of big heavy groups separated by one little group of mine with two eyes, only I made a crucial oversight and omitted a sente move that was necessary to live. Luckily he didn't see it either and played a bunch of nonsense in the corner that put me well ahead and made one of his heavy groups even weaker. He realised my group didn't actually have enough eyes then, but by that point it had more liberties than one of his groups that he hadn't made proper shape with so I killed it. I'd probably have still been ahead even if it died by then anyway. He flailed about a bit but it didn't work and I won by resignation a bit later.

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