UK Match With Switzerland Unfinished

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
Tue, 14 Dec 2021

The result of the UK match against Switzerland is uncertain as one game was not finished. Bruno played his game early on the Sunday morning and won, but on the Tuesday night both Alex and Jamie lost. Jon's game against Frédéric Schlattner was, however, abandoned after connection issues meant his opponent dropped out four times.

League Page with game records

Bruno Poltronieri wrote: I played more of an influence style than usual, mostly because my opponent, John Walch, played very territorially. We started off with the same opening as in a game I played against Daniel a couple of years ago, except in that game I was white and here I played black. My opponent invaded my bottom side immediately and I got a decent wall in sente while he lived small, giving me an early lead. On the top side I didn’t play perfectly but I ended up with a huge lead as I got both a huge corner and thickness facing my bottom side influence. After that I almost messed things up in byoyomi by trying to kill his top left corner and almost dying with my ponnuki group! Thankfully it was a sente seki for me in the end and I won comfortably.

Alex Kent wrote of his game: I lost a back-and-forth game against Fabien Lips. The first contest started on the top side where we had a classic situation where two "eyeless" walls were facing each other: violence was inevitable. Things weren't going well, but I did find a pretty cool tesuji on move 50 which allowed me to maintain some kind of balance. I may have overreacted to my opponent's scary-looking centre potential and launched a premature invasion (apparently if I just keep calm and play normally the game is still close). Later on I got a bit excited because I was able to cut off one of my opponent's groups (around move 120). I missed a real opportunity here: if I'd been a bit more patient, and fixed my shape following this cut, things were looking good. In the game I tenukied and left some aji around that came back to bite me. Ultimately there were some kos that I couldn't really afford and I resigned.

Jamie Taylor wrote: I lost my game to Lorenz Trippel by resignation. I thought I was doing ok fairly early on when my opponent made a weak heavy group, but I kept making shape that was too bad to properly exploit it so the game was fairly even. After the fight I thought I could probably settle the least settled corner in sente and then take a big endgame point and be ahead, but instead I made a massive miscalculation and lost the whole thing. I messed around for a bit trying to turn the remnants of my stones into a live group, and maybe came a little bit close for a bit, but I just died elsewhere and resigned.

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