Second 2023 British Small Board Held in Cambridge

British Small Board Championship
Sat, 18 Nov 2023

Because the 2022 edition of the British Small Board Championship was delayed until February, the 2023 edition on the afternoon of Saturday 18th November became the second of the year. Both were held in Pembroke College Old Library in Cambridge, but the second attracted four fewer players with 34. There was an overall winner prize of £25 provided by the BGA and this went to local student Tunyang Xie (5d).

A large number of the players were youngsters, mostly from the local club and from Tonbridge School. Some junior prizes of money and chocolates provided by Cambridge Youth Go was one of the attractions, The prize winners were: top junior Mark Kirillin (4k), top younger junior Bowen Li (28k), junior with five wins Elijah Whitbread (16k) and those with four wins Carlos Han (3k), Justin Leung (8k), Alida Chan (13k), Odysseas Jones-Roumeliotis (17k) and Audrey Leung (26k). Results

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