UK Beat Norway

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
Tue, 24 Oct 2023

The first match in the new season of the C-League was against Norway. Bruno, Scott and Tim all won, but Jon Diamond was a no-show meaning the team won 3-1. Slovakia beat Slovenia and South Africa beat Spain, both 3-1, but our penalty point for the no-show pushed us down to third. Kyrgyzstan and Denmark drew their match.

League Page with game records

Bruno Poltronieri wrote: I won against Heming Hanevik by resignation. The opening seemed very even; then I started a fight on the bottom side. I'm not sure how reasonable it was but in the end I sealed black into a fairly small area and got a strong wall in sente. I then used that to kill another unsettled black group.

Scott Cobbold wrote about his game against Tomas Hjartnes: Near the beginning I felt I should be slightly better, and I knew I was leading a bit after I broke his topside territory and I captured two keystones, near the endgame they also made some more errors meaning that when they resigned the margin was quite large.

Tim Hunt wrote about his game with Rasmus Stene: I won by 3.5 points in the end. Apparently, tenuki-ing your two stones after you have been kicked approaching a 4-4 stone is now a thing. I should look at some recent pro games. Anyway, that is what my opponent did, but when I pincered, he jumped into the corner to make a not entirely alive group there, and a weak one on the outside. After that, the game was comfortable and I was trying to remain calm. However, I was too calm. I let my opponent make a big moyo and nearly turn it into territory, so then he was ahead. Fortunately, he got greedy answering one of my endgame moves in an area where he had cutting points and not enough liberties, so I was able to break in and take the lead back winning by 3.5.

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