Pandanet Go European Team Championship 2023/2024

Tournament Name
Pandanet Go European Team Championship
Tournament Date
Tue, 24 Oct 2023 - Tue, 21 May 2024
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This is the 14th season of a team competition played online on Pandanet (IGS) in its own room called "EuropeanTeamChamp". Pandanet kindly sponsor the League, and the top four teams in the top division attend over-the-board finals at the European Go Congress.

The UK team is captained by Bruno Poltronieri. Matches are four players a side, made up of available players from the registered team. The Championship is split into four leagues, originally by average rating of the best team members, but with promotion/demotion from the previous year. The UK is still in the C League. Games are played every three or four weeks (with breaks for Christmas and Easter).

For more information visit Pandanet Go European Team Championship.

Current season results and league table

UK results for other seasons

Current score:
2 wins, 0 draws, 0 losses
2nd place

British Team

Name, IGS Handle, rating (grade)

  1. Andrew Simons, Uberdude, 2427 (4d)
  2. Bruno Poltronieri, FrenchDude, 2389 (4d) -- captain
  3. Scott Cobbold, mismo, 2376 (4d)
  4. Alex Kent, saraneth, 2335 (3d)
  5. Jon Diamond, mumps, 2312 (3d)
  6. Sandy Taylor, afar, 2295 (3d)
  7. Des Cann, Shuko, 2271 (2d)
  8. Jamie Taylor, gloooomph, 2215 (1d)
  9. Tim Hunt, timhunt, 2193 (2d)
  10. Sam Bithell, Strutnoddy, 2166 (2d)
  11. Toby Manning, TobyM, 2099 (1d)
  12. Alison Bexfield, abexgo, 2054 (1d)


24 Oct - Norway12 Mar - Kyrgyzstan
21 Nov - Slovakia 9 Apr - Slovenia
23 Jan - Denmark21 May - South Africa
13 Feb - Spain


Tuesday 24 October - Norway 3-1

  1. Bruno Poltronieri (W) beat Heming Hanevik (Fears, 2d) by resignation sgf
  2. Scott cobbold (B) beat Tomas Hjartnes (illegal, 1d) by resignation sgf
  3. Jon Diamond (W) lost to Jon Runar Melting (hmm, 2d) by no-show
  4. Tim Hunt (B) beat Rasmus Stene (rasmunis, 2k) by 3.5 sgf

Tuesday 21 November - Slovenia 3-1

  1. Bruno Poltronieri (B) lost to Ondrej Králik (Muhahaha, 3d) by resignation sgf
  2. Scott cobbold (W) beat Boris Dovčík (Borisho, 2d) by resignation sgf
  3. Alex Kent (B) beat Peter Smolarik (SvkPeto, 2d) by 25.5 sgf
  4. Jamie Taylor (W) beat Martin Lukac (DeadmaN, 1d) by 26.5 sgf
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