UK Beat Kyrgyzstan

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
Tue, 12 Mar 2024

The fifth match of the C-League season was a five o'clock kick off against Kyrgyzstan. Scott, Jon and Tim won, but Bruno lost, meaning the team again won 3-1. As South Africa only drew with Slovenia, the team moved three points clear at the top of C-League with two matches to go.

League Page with game records

Bruno Poltronieri wrote: I lost by resignation. My opponent, Fedor Kropochev, started with a mirror opening. My strategy to counter it wasn't bad. AI doesn't quite agree with my timing to break the mirror with tengen, but the game is basically even at that point. Not long after, I took a huge risk and went for a big kill. My opponent's groups had a lot of liberties and starting this fight would leave me with a group in his moyo. AI says it's possible but I'd have to play very precisely. I played a couple of slack moves and died.

Scott Cobbold wrote of his game against Ilim Baratbaev: I played for the most part a pretty boring game. The game became good for me when black made many bad pushing-from-behind exchanges giving me a few points in the centre. They then played some small moves in the centre. Later they proceeded to collapse and die in gote, after which they resigned.

Jon Diamond wrote about his game against Shakarim Yuldashev: Phew. That was a narrowish squeak… I had a comfortable start, until after about 60 moves I allowed a cut to work, and then lost a 30 point corner. However, I had a cut so got quite a few stones plus some surrounding territory, so that was good. He pushed a bit with these stones and created a large dead group, and so I took the lead. And then there was the yose, in which he contrived to lose a group by ko, so he resigned being many points behind.

Tim Hunt wrote about his game: I won by resignation. My opponent, Ernur Emilev, made six groups. Proving that was not valid was a bit of an effort; it involved a fairly crude cut (W106 and 108), but after killing one of his groups (and letting a second one live, to reduce risk, when I could possibly have killed it) I was 20+ points ahead, and eventually he resigned, when I had no more weaknesses for him to aim at.

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