UK Defeat Denmark to Go Top

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
Tue, 23 Jan 2024

The third match of the C-League season was against third-placed Denmark. Bruno, Scott and Alison all won, but Tim lost, meaning the team won 3-1. South Africa drew with Kyrgyzstan so we moved up from second to first place.

League Page with game records

Bruno Poltronieri wrote: I played a long difficult game against Mathis Isaksen. I won by resignation, though I was only winning by 5.5 at that point. The opening and middle game were not great for me, so I had to try very hard in a long endgame. I managed to claw my way back into a lead gradually.

Scott Cobbold wrote of his game against Jannik Rasmussen: At the start my opponent cut me with really crude moves, but I failed to take advantage of it. However soon after this my opponent overplayed and I managed to gain a big advantage, in the following play my opponent continued to create many weaknesses and bad shape, ending up collapsing completely.

Tim Hunt wrote about his game: Very annoying! My opponent, Mikkel Kragh Mathiesen, was playing overly aggressive fighting moves, which left him with weak stones all over the place, so he had no time to make any territory. Some of my refutation of this involved having captured some of his cutting stones in a semeai which I was winning by at least two liberties on all sides. However, when he played a move then to test me, I played carelessly, and suddenly it was one eye verses no eyes in a way that meant I lost multiple groups and the game. Before that, the AI review had me +50. I should have just reduced the cutting stones to three liberties and no chance of an eye at some point.

Alison Bexfield wrote about her game with Kjeld Petersen: I thought I had a good opening, was slightly careless in answering a forcing move and allowed my opponent to cut off ten stones securing a large corner. I took thickness in compensation and mapped out a massive moyo. I eventually won by 2.5 points. A fun game!

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