General News: 2002

Youth Grand Prix 2002

After the London Open the final placings for 2002 were

  1. Jonathan Englefield 13-kyu High Wycombe 1351
  2. Paul Blockley 14-kyu Worcester 1338
  3. Shawn Hearn 5-kyu Berkshire Youth 1131


The BGA Council ratified the following grades/promotions
on 30/11/02:
1 dan - Andrew Morris
on 28/09/02:
3 dan - Tim Hunt
3 dan - Dan Gilder
2 dan - Henry Segerman
1 dan - Mark Collinson
1 dan - Niall Cardin

British Championship 2002

The first game in the 5 game match between Champion Matthew Macfadyen and Challenger Matthew Cocke was held on 10/08/02 in Epsom. It was a win for Macfadyen by 12.5 points taking white. The second game was held on 22/09/02 at Tim Hunt's flat in Milton Keynes and was broadcast live on KGS watched by about 70 with commentary by Guo Juan. Matthew Macfadyen won by resignation. The third game was held at Wanstead Tournament on 12/10/02 and was won by Matthew Macfadyen. This makes Matthew Macfadyen champion for the sixth time in a row and 18 in total.

21st Century Cup Computer Go

Held in Edmonton in Canada 27/07/02-28/07/02. Fourteen computer programs took part over seven rounds. First was "Many Faces of Go" with 7 wins and second was Michael Reiss's Go 4++ with 6. Other places 3 Go Intellec, 4 Katsunari, 5 Aya, 6 Neurogo, 7 Gnugo, 8 Explorer & Smart Go, 10 Indigo, 11 Great 5, 12 Golois, 13 TSGO, 14 Hiratsuka.

Go on BBC

A story about the animation Hikaru no Go causing a craze among Japanese children was featured on BBC TV News programs (News 24 & BBC World channels) on 31st July 2002. There is also a page on the CBBC Newsround site.
A further story featured on the Newsweek site (

New European Pros 2002

Two Russians who have been studying in Korean have been made professional 1 dan by special decree of the Korean Baduk Association. They are Svetlana Shikshina and Alexandr Dinnerstein.

John Rickard

The BGA is sorry to announce that John Rickard (4 dan Cambridge) passed away in hospital in May 2002 following a liver infection. Highlights of his Go career include winning the 1987 British Open, challenging for the British Championship and representing the UK in the World Amateur. The funeral was on 23/05/02 in Cambridge and was attended by representatives of the BGA. In his memory the BGA Puzzle and Quiz book has been published to raise money for the British Liver Trust.

BGA AGM 2002

The AGM of the BGA was held at the BGC in Edinburgh 23/03/02. The proposed change in BGA subscriptions was agreed (starting July 2002). The BGA accounts were approved. Tony Atkins is now a Vice-President and has been replaced as Secretary by Tim Hunt. Les Bock and Natasha Regan are joining Council.

Kisei Title Match 2002

The Kisei Title Match first game was played in London on 10/01/02 and 11/01/02. An audience about 50 strong watched by video link in the Montcalm Hotel. Professionals Kato, Kudo and Redmond analysed the game for locals and for Japanese TV. Various BGA members were also interviewed on Japanese TV. In the match game O Rissei (defending Champion) beat Ryu Shikun after a long and interesting game. Six professionals also attended the Central London Go Club on Saturday 12th and Michael Redmond and Yuki Shigeno attended the Kisei Youth Tournament on 13th at the Nippon Club.

Ryu Shikun won the second game by half a point, the third by 2.5. O Rissei won game 4 by 4.5 and game 5 by resignation (best of seven).
O won the sixth game by 2.5 points on 7th March to retain the title.).

Stacey Grand Prix 2001-2002

After British Go Congress 2002 the final points for the year were:
1. Francis Roads - 29
2. Seong-June Kim - 22
3. David Ward - 21
4. Young Kim - 18
So Francis Roads retains the Stacey Trophy.
The WKD (Weak Kneed Dans) Grand Prix was won again Alan Thornton who gets to keep the WKD trophy.

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