Council Meeting - May 2010

There was a meeting of BGA Council on 8th May 2010.
Here are the highlights:

  • Jenny Radcliffe was unanimously co-opted to Council. She takes over the Shodan Challenge and Chair of the Clubs and Membership Committee. John Collins takes over as the Chair of the Online Committee.
  • Implementing student trial membership (the 1st year special members scheme approved at the 2010 AGM) was discussed. It will be made available to students under 26 in full time education who have an email address. It may be taken out at tournaments. Participants in the Shodan challenge may also apply.
  • The electronic linkup with Guo Juan for the Strong Players Weekend worked well. Kirsty Healey's significant contribution was recognized. Council agreed that more such events should be run. BGA-facilitated provision of inexpensive online Go lessons on KGS is to be investigated.
  • Council complimented Sandy Taylor for his work on the online league. Xinyi was formally recognised for his contributions on Facebook.
  • "Policy and Procdeures for checking criminal records", setting out internal procedures regarding CRB checks and ISA registration, is to be published on the website, and work is ongoing to set up an appropriate legal framework to ensure that the BGA complies with the "Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults" legislation.
  • Council had been informed that the rules of the British Open had been broken by two players causing an incorrect game result to be recorded and was asked to take action to prevent this happening again. A report had been submitted by the Tournament Director, stating that the players had agreed the result, no objections to this had been received during the event and that the British Open results order would only have been affected to a minor extent if the result were reversed. No change to the British Open results will be made. However, the tournament rules will be amended to emphasise that a game is lost by a player if their flag falls in overtime. In general, objections should be made to a tournament director before the start of the subsequent round, as action cannot easily be taken retrospectively.
  • John Tromp and Darren Cook have a $1000 bet on the results of a computer/human Go match. Arrangements are underway to hold the match during the upcoming London Open.

As always, members may request copies of the full minutes from the Secretary.

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