Wessex Tournament Results 1970

Tournament Name
Tournament Date
Sun, 1 Nov 1970

The first Wessex Go Tournament was held at Marlborough Town Hall.
Prizes were awarded to the top player in three divisions (1d-6k, 7k-10k, 12k-22k).

Div. 1Div. 2Div. 3
1. M. Roberts (4k Bristol)
2. A. Daly (1d Reading)
3. J. Perring (6k Harwell)
1. P. Prescott (7k Cambridge)
2. P. Langley (8k Bristol)
2. M. Amin (8k Cambridge)
1. J. Searle (17k Bristol)
2. D. Chandler (18k Bristol)
1M Roberts4kBristol26+11+9+12+4
2A Daly1dReading9-19+11+10+3
3J Perring6kHarwell4+12-26+13+3
4P Prescott7kCambridge3-20+14+22+3
5M Amin8kCambridge6-21+22+14+3
6P Langley8kBristol5+26+13+...3
7J Searle17kBristol8-25+18+15+3
8D Chandler18kBristol7+14-25+23+3
9A Hall1dLondon2+10+1-11-2
10J Sweeney1kCambridge19+9-19+2-2
11F Roads2kEnfield12+1-2-9+2
12A Williamson4kCambridge11-3+20+1-2
13C Rix8kCambridge20+22+6-3-2
14D Love10kBeechams16+8+4-5-2
15L Nelson12kEnfield17-24+23+7-2
16M Robinson12kLondon14-23-21+24+2
17R Stephens12kBeechams15+18-24+21-2
18A Norton14kLondon23+17+7-25-2
19J Metcalf1kLondon10-2-10-26+1
20J Soper7kHarwell13-4-12-27+1
21D Brooks10kBristol22-5-16-17+1
22R Walder10kBeechams21+13-5-4-1
23A H Smith15kBristol18-16+15-8-1
24G Snelgrove18kBristol25+15-17-16-1
25P Hays21kBristol24-7-8-18+1
26J Robinson4kCambridge1-6-3-19-0
27R Hays5kBristol.........20-0
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