British Open: Results 1986

Tournament Name
British Open
Tournament Date
Sat, 5 - Sun, 6 Apr 1986

Played during the British Go Congress at Crewe and Alsager College.

Only partial top-group results available:

  • Matthew Macfadyen 5d 6/6: +Hall, +Chandler, +Granville, +Allen, +Clare, +Mills?
  • T Mark Hall 3d: -Macfadyen, -Fage, +Manning, -Hazelden, +Hawdon, ?Smith?
  • Richard Granville 3d: +Hazelden, +Webber, -Macfadyen, +Smith, +Allen, ?Roads?
  • Quentin Mills 3d: +Hawdon, -Clare, +Chandler, +Roads, +Hazelden, -Macfadyen?
  • Nick Webber 3d: +Grant, -Granville, - Smith, +Hawdon, -Roads, ?Hazelden?
  • John Smith 3d: -Roads, +Thompson, +Webber, -Granville, +Grant, ?Hall?
  • Jim Clare 2d: +Manning, +Mills, -Allen, +Fage, -Macfadyen, +Barker

Other dan players: Brian Chandler (2d), John Allen (2d), Tim Hazelden (2d), Francis Roads (2d), Jeremy Hawdon (2d), Toby Manning (2d), Paul Fage (2d), Alistair Thompson (2d), Andrew Grant (1d), Terry Barker (1d).
Andrew Grant and Chris Kirkham qualified for the Candidates' Tournament.

86 players took part, including players from as far as Edinburgh and Cornwall.
Winning 6/6: M Shiono (4k York) and Marc Munro (12k Bristol).
Winning 5/6: Steve Flucker (11k Bristol) and Kathleen Timmins (16k Crewe and Natwich).

The Lightning Tournament on Friday 4th was won by Brian Chandler.
Bob Bagot won the porblem-solving competition.
Bristol won the new Nippon Club Cup as the best club team.

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